Blog Trouble

April 28, 2006 1 min read

A high school teacher in Chicago finds himself at the center of firestorm after posting vitriolic comments about his students and colleagues on his blog. In writing about his work at Fenger High School, one of Chicago’s worst-performing schools, the teacher described his students as “criminals” given to lewd behavior and referred to their parents as “project” dwellers. He also wrote disparagingly of his co-workers, remarking on “union-minimum” teachers and security officers whose “loyalty is to the hood, not the school.” Titled “Fast Times At Regnef High,” the blog was anonymous, but the author leaked information about it to a few colleagues. Shortly thereafter, students began flooding it with angry comments and threats, and the teacher who is believed to be the blogger reportedly stopped coming to school out of fear for his safety. Nor is he expected back any time soon. “He’s lost credibility,” said Fenger Principal William Johnson. “He lost the faith and trust of his students.” On a more hopeful note, Johnson said the blog has brought the school community together and incited it to address its problems.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Web Watch blog.