June 16, 2010

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Vol. 03, Issue Spring/Summer 2010
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The evolution of social-networking tools and other technologies is pushing schools to try new approaches.
Meet the people who bring Education Week Digital Directions' stories to life.
Education Week Digital Directions' list of go-to sites for educators.
But the lack of training programs for how to integrate games into classrooms is slowing the adoption of this approach.
Educators are integrating Facebook, Ning, Twitter, and other sites into K-12 life despite concerns about privacy, behavior.
Although the popular social-networking platform Ning will start charging to maintain sites, certain education networks may remain free.
Educators say the monitoring systems help track what students are doing on their classroom computers, which helps teachers keep them on task.
Schools work to prevent teen hackers from creating cyber mischief, such as logging on as teachers and changing students' grades.
Administrators use the devices to stay in constant contact with employees and parents.
Chief information officers are using a host of approaches to drive down technology prices and get the best deals for their schools.
Digital Directions has created a special data section for this issue that examines a host of factors.
As e-learning has grown, more parents of children with special needs are considering cyber schooling as a viable option.
The Obama administration is urging educators and policymakers to embrace a host of digital-learning approaches.
But skeptics of the new admissions approach worry it could overshadow academic achievements.

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