College & Workforce Readiness Live Event

Beyond High School, Before Baccalaureate

Diplomas Count 2011 Live Stream
This event occurred on June 07, 2011 2:00 PM EDT.
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The “college for all” debate caught fire during the recent recession, and shorter post-secondary paths from high school to career began quickly gaining popularity. The 2011 edition of Diplomas Count, titled Beyond High School, Before Baccalaureate: Meaningful Alternatives to a Four-Year Degree, explores those alternative pathways and sheds light on their costs and benefits.

On June 7th, with the release of Diplomas Count 2011, education experts and Education Week researchers held a four-hour discussion on the “college for all” debate, the value of education alternatives, and some perspectives on high school reforms. The Lumina Foundation provided support for this event. Read the full report.



Welcome and Opening Remarks


Diplomas Count 2011 Highlights


Point-Counterpoint—The "College for All" Debate


Perspectives on High School Reform


Policy Roundtable—Multiple Pathways


Concluding Remarks

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Event produced with support from The Lumina Foundation.