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Each month, nearly two million K-12 leaders routinely turn to Education Week for news, insights, analysis, and best practices. Visitors to are...

Superintendents seeking expertise from their peers. Seasoned district administrators who sit on purchasing teams. Principals looking for professional development, curriculum, ed tech, and other resources to support teaching and learning. Teachers looking to improve their craft and make a difference in the lives of their students.

a look at our audience

  • A glimpse into what your customers are researching...

    Every six months we take data from and put together a K-12 trends report. We examine what people search for, what content they engage with, and include stats from our most successful whitepapers, webinars, and spotlights.

    We then share the report with you, so you can use the results to inform your marketing strategy. After all, the best way to reach your prospects is to understand their priorities. Once you know what keeps your audience up at night, you can create extremely effective thought leadership content.

    When you’re ready to distribute your thought leadership content, we will use our expertise in K-12 education marketing to help you reach district leaders. Our ability to design custom campaigns around each of these themes helps serve a wide-range of your marketing goals, and we’ve done this for hundreds of education marketers each year.

    Determine which content areas of K-12 education you should own, and we will help you get there.

    Download our mini deck on Trending Topics here.

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