Fall 2009

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Vol. 02, Issue 01
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Chat Transcript
Two experts in online professional development to discussed recent issues and developments in the field and took questions on getting the most out of Web-based learning. Read it now.
Teacher Sourcebook Spring Issue
Can digital technology help break the decades-long hold of generic “sit-‘n-git” professional development?
Some educators are finding that helpful ideas and advice can come in 140 characters or fewer.
The Texas Department of Education recently approved the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame in Fort Worth as an accredited professional development provider.
Teacher evaluations in schools fail to provide a whole lot of useful information, according to a study.
Teachers’ views on their profession have become markedly more positive over the past quarter-century, according to a retrospective-survey report released earlier this year by MetLife, Inc.
Data snapshots of the ways teachers are using interactive technology for professional learning.
A group of educators in North Carolina find connection and support in an online PD project.
A former teacher and education-technology consultant says today’s professional development needs to immerse educators in experiences that promote reflection and relationship-building.
An explosion of offerings and evolving methodologies have made Web-based training a viable choice for many teachers.
An education-technology scholar discusses the current state and promise of online teacher PD.
A top course facilitator provides a behind-the-scenes perspective on online training.
A Ning group for English teachers reveals the potential of online social networking to break the culture of professional isolation.
Videoconferencing is gaining attention as a way to connect teachers and expand knowledge-sharing.
A selection of professional development events.

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