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Governor:Earl Tomblin
Superintendent of Schools:Jorea Marple
Quality Counts state grade:B-
Pre-K-12 enrollment:282,879
Number of school districts:57
Number of public schools:757
Number of public school teachers:20,338
Unadjusted education spending per student:$11,730
Percent minority students:8.0%
Percent of students eligible for free/reduced price lunch:51.5%
Percent of students with disabilities:15.9%
Percent of English-language learners:0.6%
NAEP Mathematics 2011 percent proficient
4th grade math:35.2%
8th grade math:23.5%
NAEP Reading 2011 percent proficient
4th grade reading:27.3%
8th grade reading:25.3%

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W.Va. is the second state to have a debate surface over climate-change language in the Next Generation Science Standards for K-12 schools.
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January 8, 2013 - Education Week
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