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Education Week Teacher partners with the Center for Teaching Quality to publish a regular column by teachers who are part of the CTQ Collaboratory. The Collaboratory is a virtual community where educators can connect, learn, and innovate with colleagues to transform teaching. Past articles in this series appear on the Teacher Leaders Network index page.

To liven up her 6th grade social studies class, Karla Duff turned to the undead, and to project-based learning. October 22, 2014 – Teacher

English teacher Ariel Sacks offers practical tips on making classroom partnerships between general and special educators work. October 15, 2014 – Teacher (Web)

History teacher Bill Tolley offers tips on adapting to learning environments that combine face-to-face instruction with self-directed online experiences. October 8, 2014 – Teacher (Web)

How can veteran teachers help their newer colleagues succeed? Kimberly Long discusses the importance of a good teacher mentor and gives some advice to teachers trying to become mentors. September 30, 2014 – Teacher (Web)

Jane Ching Fung offers teachers advice on how to talk to families about what the Common Core State Standards mean for their children. September 23, 2014 – Teacher

Elizabeth Stein examines the benefits of a growth mindset, and suggests ways teachers can encourage it in students. September 17, 2014 – Teacher

In tough times, kindness—both in and out of the classroom—is crucial to student success, writes high school teacher Adam Sherman. September 9, 2014 – Teacher

Teacher Wendi Pillars says educators should take stock of how they've progressed in their teaching careers, in order to figure out where they're going. September 3, 2014 – Teacher

Teacher Lothar Konietzko suggests getting to know the cultural identities of students through writing prompts at the beginning of the school year. August 27, 2014 – Teacher

Five educators and innovation experts discuss their efforts to help teachers cultivate greater creativity in the classroom (and their lives). August 19, 2014 – Teacher

Teacher Sarah Goodis-Orenstein found that getting students to learn by performing Shakespeare can be done in a rigorous way. August 13, 2014 – Teacher

Teacher Brett Bohstedt says that new teachers will quickly learn that nearly anything can happen. He offers suggestions for adapting to life in the classroom. August 5, 2014 – Teacher

Amie Jette, who will begin her teaching career this fall, spent weeks preparing for the edTPA. Here's what she learned. July 29, 2014 – Teacher

Linda Yaron's students traveled to the Department of Education in Washington D.C. to answer one fundamental question: "What does it mean to be a learner?" July 22, 2014 – Teacher

Schools need teachers to take on leadership roles, argues elementary school teacher Anthony Colucci. But those leadership roles are only valuable when they don't stifle teachers' creativity and individuality. July 15, 2014 – Teacher

High school reading teacher Deidra Gammill describes what happened when she decided to put aside one class period a week and let students explore topics of their own interest. July 9, 2014 – Teacher

Social studies teacher Brison Harvey offers some considerations for teachers trying to integrate technology into the classroom. July 2, 2014 – Teacher

When Sophia Faridi visited several schools in Finland, students and teachers seemed happier than students and teachers in the U.S. June 24, 2014 – Teacher

Focus on real-world problems. Involve art teachers. Anne Jolly, a former middle school science teacher, breaks down the ideal STEM lesson. June 17, 2014 – Teacher

In Dave Orphal's Intro to Education class, almost all of the assignments are projects. Here's one of them. June 11, 2014 – Teacher

When middle school literacy teacher Monica Wilbanks wanted to improve efficiency and collaboration at her school, she created a website. Here's what happened. June 3, 2014 – Teacher

Nancy Barile, a high school language arts teacher, shares some practical tips she learned from a former student about helping seemingly unmotivated students. May 27, 2014 – Teacher

Wendi Pillars offers suggestions to help teachers emerge stronger from burnout experiences. May 20, 2014 – Teacher

Linda Yaron, a high school teacher in Los Angles, explains how she created two new courses at her school specifically to provide academic, motivational, and socio-economic support networks for students. May 14, 2014 – Teacher

Jessica Keigan, Stephanie Pinkin, and Marcia Powell offer ways that teachers can share their classroom practices and teaching philosophies with students and parents. May 6, 2014 – Teacher

Like the lead characters in Veronica Roth's novel Divergent, teacher leaders seek to change the system and pursue versatile, complex roles, says Cheryl A. Redfield. April 30, 2014 – Teacher

Teacher Kimberly Long offers advice on how to prepare a classroom to handle an unforeseen teacher absence. April 23, 2014 – Teacher

A globally connected workplace will be the norm for this generation of students, writes instructional coach Ben Curran, requiring a unique and deep skill-set that teachers must help students develop. April 15, 2014 – Teacher

Deidra Gammill, a high school English and reading teacher, says her students have become confident and reflective readers, in part by becoming teachers themselves. April 9, 2014 – Teacher

Middle school language arts teacher Sarah Goodis-Orenstein explains how she uses real-world research projects to tap students' creativity and engagement. April 2, 2014 – Teacher

Kim Worth, a veteran teacher and curriculum specialist, recounts how she got to know 90 students in three days—and, in the process, set the groundwork for boosting their achievement. March 26, 2014 – Teacher

Teacher Sandy Merz tries to find what makes students learn best, starting with autonomy over their own learning. March 19, 2014 – Teacher

Teacher Marcia Powell examines how teachers can initiate cultural changes in their schools, starting by taking a good walk around them. March 12, 2014 – Teacher

Teacher Nancy Barile writes how she found movies could help students understand using evidence to support claims and how to analyze literary and informational texts, among other skills required by the common standards. March 4, 2014 – Teacher

Language arts teacher Jessica Keigan describes a project she used to help build her students' critical-thinking and communication skills—as well as their stake in their education system. February 25, 2014 – Teacher

Jessica Cuthbertson describes a week in the life of a "hybrid" teacher. February 19, 2014 – Teacher

Visual arts teacher Rachel Losch explores the draft National Coalition for Core Arts Standards, which call for arts educators to work more closely with their colleagues in other disciplines. February 11, 2014 – Teacher

Ten-year educator Paul Barnwell offers tips for teachers on maintaining perspective and keeping their classroom practices fresh. February 5, 2014 – Teacher

Middle school language arts teacher Sarah Goodis-Orenstein offers tips on improving students' on-demand writing skills, which she argues are increasingly needed both on standardized tests and in the workplace. January 29, 2014 – Teacher

Nancy Barile, a high school language arts teacher in Revere, Mass., writes that teachers' passions and past experiences can have a positive impact on their teaching and connections with students. January 22, 2014 – AP

High school English teacher Kim McCready offers three micro-exercises that she's found can help improve students' vocabulary and close-reading skills, even as she attends to beginning-of-class duties. January 15, 2014 – Teacher

William Tolley shares how he has adapted his classroom and approach toward education for modern-day technology. January 9, 2014 – Teacher

Wendi Pillars offers strategies for supporting the language development of diverse-needs students under the Common Core State Standards. January 7, 2014 – Teacher

Teachers looking to build on student interests and increase engagement should work on developing these five "teacher strengths," says educator Marcia Powell. December 24, 2013 – Teacher

A high school teacher reflects on some of his early missteps in advocacy and what he's learned about effecting change in his local school community. December 11, 2013 – Teacher

As an American teacher in his first year working with 5th grade students in Finland, Tim Walker reflects on the lessons he would bring back to an American classroom. November 26, 2013 – Teacher

Showing film adaptations of texts can be more than just a reward for finishing the reading, says a language arts teacher. It can be a powerful tool for teaching critical analysis. November 20, 2013 – Teacher

An instructional coach discusses how giving students exit cards can help teachers determine what students know and redirect their instruction accordingly. November 12, 2013 – Teacher

Teacher Brett Bohstedt discusses a program he created to teach mindfulness to students using breathing, body awareness, and positivity. November 5, 2013 – Teacher

Author, teacher, and former community organizer Larry Ferlazzo offers techniques for developing teachers' leadership potential, which he says is a key strategy for improving schools. October 29, 2013 – Teacher

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