New District Graduation Rate Map Tool

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The Editorial Projects in Education Research Center is proud to present a powerful online mapping tool to help the public, policymakers, and educational leaders combat the graduation crisis.

For the first time, EdWeek Maps provides the public with ready access to comparable, reliable data on graduation rates for every school district in the country.

This Web-based application allows users to easily map out graduation rates by zooming in on any of the nation's individual school districts. Users can then access a detailed report with information for that district presented alongside comparative national benchmark statistics. Customized state-level reports are also available through EdWeek Maps.

The EPE Research Center calculated graduation rates for each public school district, as well as every state and the nation as a whole, using raw data from a single source, the U.S. Department of Education's Common Core of Data, and a single calculation formula, the Cumulative Promotion Index (CPI). The CPI method, developed by Editorial Projects in Education Vice President Christopher B. Swanson, estimates the percent of students in the 9th grade who will complete high school on time with a regular diploma.

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