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Student Brooklyn Richotte sits for a vision screening at Liberty Elementary School in Omaha, Neb., last year. The Child Vision Collaborative examined students’ eyes for free, providing glasses as needed.
—Megan Farmer/Omaha World-Herald via AP

A Third of Students Need Eye Exams, Study Finds

Nearsightedness is on the rise among schoolchildren, but many students have not had the vision screening needed to detect the problem. (May 29, 2018)

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01/16 04:55 pm | 'Accidental' Shooting in Houston High School Sparks New Rounds of Questions | A school shooting in Houston has set off yet another round of questions about how students manage to get guns onto campuses undetected. But the Texas tragedy also calls ...

Leader to Learn From

Judy LoBianco: Recognized for Leadership in Student Wellness
As the honcho for student wellness in the South Orange-Maplewood school district in New Jersey, Judy LoBianco is changing what schools do to educate students about their physical health. She is recognized as a 2018 Leader To Learn From.

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Because they are not eligible for state disability insurance, most California public school teachers must reimburse their employers for some of the cost of hiring a substitute during an extended medical leave.
January 17, 2020 – Education Week
An airliner with engine trouble dumped jet fuel that fell as a smelly mist on dozens of schoolchildren while the plane made an emergency return to Los Angeles International Airport, officials said.
January 15, 2020 – AP
Cancer has forced teacher Johanna Rauhala to leave her classroom. As she packs up her things, she reflects on her work, and writes that she feels honored to have served alongside those who spend their days "pushing the current of knowledge along."
January 14, 2020 – Teacher
The vast majority of Americans believe the benefits of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine outweigh any risks it may present—and what’s more, those risks are low—according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.
January 7, 2020 – McClatchy-Tribune
U.S. health officials will ban most flavored e-cigarettes popular with underage teenagers, but with major exceptions that benefit vaping manufacturers, retailers, and adults who use the nicotine-emitting devices.
January 2, 2020 – AP
Teacher Quan Neloms was paying a steep price for his devotion to his students: too little time with his own family. One simple change helped him find a healthy work-life balance.
December 31, 2019 – Teacher
Seattle Public Schools is warning thousands of students that they will be excluded from school after Christmas break unless they get in compliance with Washington's vaccine laws.
December 26, 2019 – AP
December 11, 2019 – Education Week
Schools, often under-resourced when it comes to mental-health professionals and services, face daunting challenges when it comes to detecting—and intervening—when students are in crisis.
November 27, 2019 – Education Week
As the brain science on adverse childhood experiences evolves, teaching must also adapt, write Jim Hickman and Kathy Higgins.
November 27, 2019 – Education Week

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