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Teacher Evaluation: An Issue Overview
This overview covers teacher evaluation and includes information on evaluation models, controversies, research, and reform trends.
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Teaching Profession Efforts to Toughen Teacher Evaluations Show No Positive Impact on Students
After a decade of expensive evaluation reforms, new research shows no positive effect on student test scores or educational attainment.
Madeline Will, November 29, 2021
10 min read
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Teaching Profession Opinion I’m Back in the Classroom With a Ph.D. and Some Advice for Policymakers
Bad policies don't make teaching any easier, especially in a pandemic, writes educator Amanda Slaten Frasier.
Amanda Slaten Frasier, October 5, 2021
5 min read
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Assessment Opinion Q&A Collections: Assessment
Scores of educators share commentaries on the use of assessments in schools.
Larry Ferlazzo, August 2, 2021
5 min read
Common Language
School & District Management Opinion 5 Words That Are Commonly Used But NOT Commonly Understood
In schools, we have a common language around words like "growth mindset," but we do not have a common understanding of what those words mean.
Peter DeWitt, March 14, 2021
7 min read
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Teaching Profession Teachers in High-Poverty Schools Penalized Unfairly on Observations, Study Says
The study found that Black teachers were disproportionately given lower classroom observation scores due to factors beyond their control.
Madeline Will, December 14, 2020
7 min read
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School & District Management Yes, Teachers Are Still Being Evaluated. Many Say It's Unfair
Teachers are navigating new technologies, adjusting to different ways of teaching, and trying to reach students who lack internet access and stability at home.
Madeline Will, October 15, 2020
9 min read
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School Climate & Safety Opinion How to Evaluate Teachers During Remote Learning, and Other Advice for Principals
This principal advice columnist answers your questions about remote teacher evaluation, staying accountable on racial equity, and what she wishes she’d known as a first-year principal.
Tamara McWilliams, August 5, 2020
6 min read
States Should Teachers Be Evaluated During Coronavirus School Shutdowns?
At least 20 states have issued guidance or waived requirements for teacher evaluations this school year due to the challenges of remote learning.
Madeline Will, April 20, 2020
7 min read
School & District Management A Decade of High-Stakes Teacher Evaluation: Studies Find Positive Results in D.C.
"In many respects, teacher-evaluation practices in [the D.C. school district] seem to be working to the advantage of students," one researcher said.
Madeline Will, December 11, 2019
4 min read
Teacher Denitra Henry, right, assists 2nd grade student Jayden Bowie, with his computer during her math class at Turner Elementary School in Washington, in 2017.
Teacher Denitra Henry, right, assists 2nd grade student Jayden Bowie, with his computer during her math class at Turner Elementary School in Washington, in 2017.
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Teaching Profession Teaching in 2020 vs. 2010: A Look Back at the Decade
As the 2010s draw to a close, teachers are left reeling from massive shifts in policy and practice that have affected their everyday work.
Madeline Will, December 10, 2019
8 min read
Chicago Teachers Union members and supporters march last week.
Chicago Teachers Union members and supporters march last week.
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Teaching Profession Opinion Teacher Pay Raises Aren't Enough
Yes, teachers are seriously underpaid, but teacher retention won't be solved by competitive raises alone, argues Eric Hanushek.
Eric A. Hanushek, November 4, 2019
5 min read
Professional Development 8 Ways to Make Teacher Evaluations Meaningful and Low-Stress
Here are eight concrete ideas from principals and other experts that school leaders can use to make their evaluations and observations of teachers meaningful, actionable, and low-stress.
Denisa R. Superville, October 15, 2019
8 min read
Teaching Profession Most States Have Walked Back Tough Teacher-Evaluation Policies, Report Finds
Since 2015, 30 states have walked back one or more of their teacher-evaluation reforms, according to a new report by the National Council on Teacher Quality.
Madeline Will, October 8, 2019
5 min read
Federal Your Guide to Education in the Democratic Debate: Charter Schools, Teacher Pay, and Betsy DeVos
On the campaign trail, Democrats seeking the 2020 presidential nomination have tackled issues like lunch shaming, school funding, and gun violence. What issues are most likely to surface in the first debate?
Evie Blad, June 23, 2019
7 min read