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Teacher Evaluation: An Issue Overview
This overview covers teacher evaluation and includes information on evaluation models, controversies, research, and reform trends.
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Teaching Profession Opinion All About Teacher Observations: How to Get Them Right
Educators and other experts offer a decade’s worth of insight on the highs and lows of teacher observations.
Mary Hendrie, April 1, 2024
5 min read
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Student Achievement Does Performance-Based Teacher Pay Work? Here’s What the Research Says
A performance-pay overhaul in one of the country's 10 largest districts offers a test for lessons learned from decades of experimentation.
Matthew Stone & Caitlynn Peetz, June 12, 2023
10 min read
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Policy & Politics Opinion Teacher-Evaluation Policies Have Flopped. Where Did They Go Wrong?
Responsible education advocates know that the measure of an idea is not how promising it seems in theory but how well it works in practice.
Rick Hess, April 10, 2023
4 min read
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Teaching Profession Principals or Peers: Who Should Evaluate Teachers?
A new study reveals telling differences in how teachers respond.
Denisa R. Superville, February 27, 2023
6 min read
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Teaching Profession Opinion Want Vibrant, Engaged Teachers? Give Them Professional Freedom
A deputy superintendent explains how his district has created a stimulating environment by trusting teachers to experiment.
Jonah Schenker, November 6, 2022
5 min read
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Teaching Profession Opinion The Most Important Thing Principals Can Do in a Teacher Observation
The best feedback I ever got came during my first year teaching—and it started with just one word.
Kelly Scott, October 20, 2022
3 min read
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Teaching Profession Black Teachers, Pay Incentives, and Evaluation Systems: What New Research Shows
Black teachers in D.C. respond differently than their peers to job-evaluation pressures—and are less likely to opt into a bonus system.
Madeline Will, August 1, 2022
7 min read
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Teaching Profession Opinion It's Time to Give Feedback Another Chance. Here Are 3 Ways to Get It Right
Teachers and school leaders have a love-hate relationship with feedback, but that's not feedback's fault. It's all in how we approach it.
Peter DeWitt, April 27, 2022
6 min read
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Teaching Profession Opinion How to Create a Positive Atmosphere for Teacher Observations
Listening to "understand" instead of "reply" and focusing on teachers' strengths, not weaknesses, can make the observation more comfortable.
Larry Ferlazzo, February 18, 2022
12 min read
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Teaching Profession Opinion Throw Out the Protocol for Teacher Observations. Use Common Sense Instead
Narrow the focus when you do a classroom observation, ditch the laptop, and engage with students are a few ideas for improving the practice.
Larry Ferlazzo, February 15, 2022
15 min read
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Teaching Profession Opinion How to Make Teacher Observations (Almost) Stress-Free
Frequent walk-throughs are one way to reduce anxiety and build trust between teachers and administrators.
Larry Ferlazzo, February 12, 2022
13 min read
Images shows colorful speech bubbles that say "Q," "&," and "A."
Teaching Profession Opinion 18 Ways to Improve Teacher Observations
Holding pre- and post-conferences, showing more compassion and less judgment, and organizing peer observations are valuable.
Larry Ferlazzo, January 3, 2022
19 min read
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Professional Development Opinion Embracing the Power of Video Use in Teacher Evaluations
Learn how one district championed using video for teacher reviews with the full support of its teachers' union.
Stephanie Hofer, December 14, 2021
5 min read
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Teaching Profession Efforts to Toughen Teacher Evaluations Show No Positive Impact on Students
After a decade of expensive evaluation reforms, new research shows no positive effect on student test scores or educational attainment.
Madeline Will, November 29, 2021
10 min read