Ronald Reagan

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President-elect Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos pose for photographs at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster clubhouse in Bedminster, N.J., on Nov. 19, 2016. 
<i>President-elect Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos pose for photographs at Trump National Golf Club Bedminster clubhouse in Bedminster, N.J., on Nov. 19, 2016. </i>
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Federal Year One Check-In: What's Trump Done on K-12 Compared to Other Presidents?
When it comes to legislative victories and policy accomplishments, President Donald Trump doesn't seem to have gotten as much accomplished on K-12 as his recent predecessors.
Alyson Klein, January 15, 2018
7 min read
Education Opinion How Reagan's Ghost Can Help Tear Down Our Cages
Education must protect and prepare everyone—and we must keep costs under control. This is where the ghost of Ronald Reagan should inform our education policy.
Guest Blogger, April 28, 2015
4 min read
Federal Reagan’s Legacy: A Nation at Risk, Boost for Choice
A charismatic icon of conservatism who argued against big government, former President Ronald W. Reagan left an education legacy marked by his advocacy of vouchers and school prayer and by his hopes of keeping federal control over classrooms from growing.
Sean Cavanagh, June 16, 2004
11 min read
Education ‘We Mourn Seven Heroes’
Following is the transcript of President Reagan's Jan. 28 statement to the nation on the shuttle crash, as recorded by The New York Times.
Ronald Reagan, February 5, 1991
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Education Reagan Praises Teachers and Incentive Pay
In a speech at Oakton High School here last week, President Reagan touted the Fairfax County, Va., school system's incentive-based efforts to professionalize teaching and encouraged students to consider entering the field.
Reagan Walker, March 30, 1988
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Education President Vetoes Rights-Restoration Bill; Override Likely
WASHINGTON--President Reagan refused to sign the proposed civil rights restoration act last week, and the Congress quickly set the wheels in motion for an override of his veto.

Senators debated the issue late last week, and both the House and the Senate have scheduled votes for this week.

March 23, 1988
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Education Reagan Sends Congress List For Cutting Budget's 'Pork'
WASHINGTON--President Reagan, who has often said he covets the line-item-veto authority enjoyed by most state governors, has given the Congress a taste of how he would use that power.

He has sent lawmakers a long list of items that he says deserve to be stricken from the federal budget, including funds for a rural-education program and for hearing-loss assessments for Native Hawaiian children.

March 23, 1988
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Education 1988 State of the Union Message: Praise for 'Imaginative Reforms'
Following are President Reagan's remarks on education in the Jan. 25 State of the Union Message:

February 3, 1988
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Education Reagan Directs E.D. To Develop Model Voucher Bill for States
In his annual legislative message to the Congress last week, President Reagan said the Administration would continue to promote parental choice in education by offering states model legislation on Chapter 1 vouchers and seeking a funding hike for the federal magnet-schools program.
Reagan Walker, February 3, 1988
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Education Reagan Applauds Choice, Prayer
Washington--In a speech before a group of high-school seniors and their parents in Florida last week, President Reagan reiterated his call for "choice in education," saying parents should be allowed their choice of schools and children their choice to pray.

Speaking to about 8,500 students and parents of Duval County high schools in Jacksonville, Fla., Mr. Reagan called the school system one of the best in the country--one that got to the top without "lots of money."

December 9, 1987
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Education Opinion Rhetoric and Symbolic Politics: President Reagan's School-Reform Agenda
At the turn of this century, the United States became the first Western nation to recognize the need for a separate educational unit between elementary school and high school.
William Lowe Boyd, March 18, 1987
6 min read
Education President Reagan's School-Reform Agenda
Since 1983, American public schools have been experiencing the most sustained and far-reaching reform effort in modern times. This national effort to improve school performance, in pursuit of excellence and economic growth, was galvanized by leadership from the Reagan Administration. Yet, unlike previous administrations, this one mobilized reform with a minimum of federal expenditures and no direct intervention into state and local educational affairs.
William Lowe Boyd, March 18, 1987
15 min read
Education Reagan To Seek Hike In Magnet-School Aid
Suitland, Md--In a speech to a predominantly black student audience at a magnet high school here last week, President Reagan announced that he would seek a substantial increase in funding for the federal magnet-schools program.
Julie A. Miller, January 27, 1987
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Education President Salutes Young Heroes
President Reagan focused not only upon the family as the nation's "moral core" but on children themselves in his annual State of the Union address last week.
February 12, 1986
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