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Recruitment & Retention Candidates for School Jobs May Be Lying on Resumes. What to Do About It
A high percentage of job applicants cheat throughout the job application process. AI could make the problem worse.
Elizabeth Heubeck, June 14, 2024
4 min read
College & Workforce Readiness What I Learned From Helping Students Build Résumé and Interview Skills
High school students often don't recognize the value employers might see in their life experiences. We, the adults in students' lives, have a role to play in helping them see and sell their strengths in job interviews.
Catherine Gewertz, February 13, 2019
3 min read
Career Advice Opinion Highlighting Experiences on Your Resume
Diverse experiences can count. Teachers do indeed spend a lot of time in the classroom instructing a subject. However, spending time with diverse audiences will help you prepare for your career. Diversity includes culture, religion, and thought. Learning something different gives you depth of knowledge, and an appreciation of others. Consider study abroad, service projects or learning a skill that stretches you.
AAEE, March 7, 2017
2 min read
Career Advice Opinion Knowledge and Skills Emphasized on a Resume and During Interviewing
Five tips to help create strong resumes and interview selling points, allowing you to stand apart from the competition.
AAEE, November 11, 2015
4 min read
Career Advice Opinion Essential Elements for Resumes and Interviews
Resume and interview tips shared by a former school district administrator. Learn the four basic themes that teaching candidates need to incorporate into their resumes and interview sessions.
AAEE, November 3, 2015
3 min read
Career Advice Opinion Educator Resume - Should I Round My GPA?
While it might be tempting to do, never round your GPA on your resume or other applications documents. Employers trust teachers and teacher candidates to be honest and ethical; don't risk being ruled out because you've stretched your GPA beyond its actual value.
AAEE, May 26, 2015
1 min read
Career Advice Opinion Standing Out: In Person and On Paper
What should you showcase to stand out from the competition? Highlight skills and experiences that bring value to the school district.
AAEE, December 16, 2014
1 min read
Career Advice Opinion The 4 Biggest Mistakes Seen on Resumes
Your resume is the gateway to securing an interview with a school district.  Please avoid some of the mistakes that job seekers make when developing a resume. See the following mistakes that you should avoid:
AAEE, October 7, 2014
1 min read
Career Advice Opinion Master Resumes for the Serious Job Seeker
Employers today expect targeted job search documents and well-prepared job candidates. One generic resume and cover letter for all potential employers simply is not very effective in this tough job market. If you want to get serious about your job search, create a master resume with all the details.
AAEE, August 6, 2014
3 min read
Career Advice Opinion A Quick Resume Checklist to Keep You Going In Your Summer Job Search

  • Avoid using horizontal lines as the computerized applicant tracking systems that most school districts use may misread them as the end of the document so that your resume never even gets read. With this in mind, then, the entire document should have as simple formatting as possible.
AAEE, July 9, 2014
1 min read
Recruitment & Retention Opinion Recruiters Aren't Just Looking at Your Resume
Recruiters are not just looking at your resume anymore, they're checking out your Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn pages. What kind of things do you post and how is that making a difference in your job-future?
Emily Douglas-McNab, March 10, 2014
2 min read
Career Advice Opinion Does Your Paperwork Tell Your Story?
There is a saying that "the job isn't finished until the paperwork is done."  There is a different spin on this when applying for a position.  The job won't begin if the paperwork is not done correctly. Your application and resume introduce you as a prospective candidate.  Often attention to detail makes the difference in whether you are screened out or brought to the table in an interview process.  Building and personnel administrators can tell stories of paperwork blunders that sometimes cost a potential candidate an interview and ultimately a position. 
AAEE, February 19, 2014
2 min read
Career Advice Opinion Resume and Application Tips
Applications, resumes and job applications are always a "Work In Progress," or should be. Gone are the days when you took your résumé to the stone mason and had it carved in stone. Two things that employers look for are individual tailoring and recent activity.
AAEE, September 16, 2013
1 min read
Career Advice Opinion Creating a "Stand-Out" Resume for the Job Search in Education
Recent reports predict the demise of the job resume and the rise of Twitter, LinkedIn accounts and video resumes - all in the service of expediency. Employers and job seekers may well be moving in that direction, but at this time, the professional resume is still required in most educational environments. Indeed, technology, such as the Appli-tracks job application system, is incorporated into the recruitment process. Within such systems, however, employers continue to request the professional resume. Consequently, job seekers benefit from focusing on how to make their resumes stand out among the possible 20, 200 or even 1,000 that are collected and reviewed by prospective employers for a limited number of positions.
AAEE, April 3, 2013
3 min read