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Updated: More reaction to McCain’s Education Speech

By Michele McNeil — July 18, 2008 1 min read
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After reading fellow blogger Alyson Klein’s comprehensive story on John McCain’s education plan, check out these reactions to his speech from around the blogsphere, a list that keeps growing:

New reactions (added today)

At first, the Cato Institute’s bloggers were enthusiastic, and then, not so much.

Flypaper doesn’t like the reaction of The Quick and the Ed’s Kevin Carey.

Thomas Toch over at The Quick and the Ed says McCain’s education advisers weren’t “on the ball” because the senator didn’t acknowledge that many of the teacher reform ideas are going on already in Cincinnati, where he delivered the speech.

My original list of reactions, from Thursday

Flypaper declares: “There’s much to like.”

The Quick and the Ed lauds McCain for a “strong start” when it comes to online education.

The New America Foundation’s Early Ed Watch is disappointed that the Arizona Senator made no mention of early education.

Black Political Analysis, written by a University of Mississippi assistant professor of political science, takes McCain to task for ideas that were “simplistic.”

The Ohio Federation of Teachers says McCain has “sadly no idea” how to reform public schools.

The Chicago Tribune‘s Swamp blog thinks McCain will get points for sticking around afterwards and answering questions from what clearly was an unenthusiastic audience.

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