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What U.S. Education Has to Learn From 2020: A Collection

For several years, following the release of the RHSU EduScholar Public Influence Rankings, Education Week Opinion has published a related series of essays that explore a pressing issue relevant to public scholarship. This year, it was clear that the COVID-19 pandemic has posed serious challenges to our nation’s schools.

There’s no question that educators are doing everything they can to help students manage during these extraordinarily difficult circumstances. But what has made their work—and the work of policymakers—even more challenging is the absence of research to guide it. What happens when we enter new territory that cries out for evidence-based guidance, but there is none or very little? The essays in this collection explore this very question.

Researchers explore a data canyon
J. R. Bee for Education Week
Leadership Opinion Education Researchers Need to Step Up
We're in the middle of a pandemic. Education researchers need more support to do their work.
Rick Hess, January 15, 2021
5 min read
Two figures argue over a a mountain of data
J.R. Bee for Education Week
Policy & Politics Opinion Why Do So Many Ed. Researchers Ignore Politics?
Yes, you can study politics without being a partisan hack. And to understand education, you must, writes a Brookings Institution senior fellow.
Jon Valant, January 15, 2021
4 min read
Family observes a separate class room desk
J.R. Bee for Education Week
Families & the Community Opinion Three Urgent Questions the Pandemic Raises for Researchers
The American education system certainly didn’t win in 2020. The question is, will it learn?
Michael McShane, January 15, 2021
4 min read
Two opposing sides reaching out to work together
J.R. Bee for Education Week
School & District Management Opinion A Road Map for Education Research in a Crisis
Here are five basic principles for a responsible and timely research agenda during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Robin J. Lake, January 15, 2021
4 min read
Policy & Politics Opinion The Most Influential Education Researchers (in Charts)
Where do they teach? Are they in red states or blue states? And how often were they cited on the topic of COVID-19? Check out the analysis.
January 15, 2021
1 min read