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Mapping the Future of Education: A Collection

Last year, the Aspen Institute Education & Society program invited a diverse group of state policymakers from across the country to reenvision public education, trading in convention for approaches that would truly meet the needs of today’s students. The leaders were asked to build an education agenda that would garner broad political support. After months of discussion and workshopping with a wider group of education advocates, the Opportunity to Learn, Responsibility to Lead principles were released.

This collection showcases the ways in which education advocates are driving critical change by bringing the principles to life. The authors argue for bipartisanship as a key to success and describe the shared values and approaches they believe should be at the heart of education policy.

A New Road Map for Education’s Future
States need to promote and track access to opportunities that have support across the aisle, according to a diverse group of policymakers.
A Bipartisan Agenda for Schools Is Absolutely Possible
A set of opportunity-to-learn principles can guide policymakers, write a current Iowa state senator and a former Arkansas state senator.
Nine Guiding Principles to Advance Public Education
The Opportunity to Learn principles offer a road map for education stakeholders to reenvision public education through shared values and approaches.

Opportunities to Learn in Action

State leaders and education advocates show in these brief takes how an opportunity-to-learn approach, which uses a set of nine principles, is changing the face of education in their states.

Read all the opportunities to learn in action here.
Meet the Range of Student Needs
Additional support is needed so schools can focus on climate and academics.
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Improve Failing Schools
Hands-on learning and the arts must be available to all.
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Center Student Voice
States that seek out student voice can better see opportunity gaps. 
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Prepare Students for the Future of Work
State school boards need to create new indicators for successful high schools. 
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Reimagine High School
New regulations will ensure students will be ready for career or college.
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To go deeper into these ideas, visit Aspen Institute: as.pn/otl-in-action.