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Big Ideas in Education

Big Ideas for Transforming K-12 Education

September 6, 2022
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Adolfo Valle for Education Week
Welcome to Big Ideas 2022. We hope the school year is off to a promising start.

In some ways, this fall feels more hopeful than the last two. But you’re also facing challenges, and we’d be fooling ourselves not to acknowledge them. This spring, when we started to talk about how we could deliver Big Ideas inspiration to you, we talked about all that you are managing. We also talked about how, if we could offer another way to look at some of your biggest hurdles, you might feel empowered to alter the education experience for your students and school community in ways you’d never considered.

Our goal was to offer another way to consider perspectives that could reposition how you think about your work and public education. We’d never say we’ve cracked every code to make the coming year seamless, but we are hoping that these ideas inspire you.

Keep scrolling for a roundup of our Big Ideas. Please connect with us on social media by using #K12BigIdeas or by emailing bigideas@educationweek.org.
  • When Did Equity Become a 'Trigger' Word?
    Education equity may be inscribed in federal law, but that doesn't mean everyone agrees on what it means.
    The Key to More Equitable Schools? Deep Commitment
    Schools are making progress on their DEI goals, but nothing short of an education overhaul will achieve equity.
    We Talk a Lot About Student Mental Health. We Need More Action
    The pandemic has brought new attention to student mental health concerns. Schools need sustained help to respond.
    Teachers Are Ready for Systemic Change. Are Schools?
    The pandemic underscored the need for school change. Leaders must be ready to take on that work.
    Why Can't We Talk to Each Other Anymore?
    Binary thinking is tearing the K-12 world apart. It doesn't have to be this way.

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