December 5, 2007

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Members of the deaf education community have not reached consensus on the best placement for students who face severe disabilities in addition to deafness.
Most analysts have seen little evidence that the Ed in '08 campaign is succeeding in giving education a high profile in the presidential race.
Implicit in some of the coverage was the hopeful idea that many children eventually grow out of the disorder. But that’s not exactly true.
A new report finds all states and the District of Columbia have now ushered in new English-language-proficiency tests to comply with NCLB requirements for those still learning the language.
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The federal proposal would require small school buses to be equipped with lap-and-shoulder belts and seat backs to be raised to 24 inches.
The role of the New York City Leadership Academy—created by Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein to recruit, train, and support new principals for the city’s toughest schools—has never been more central.
The long-awaited report concludes that students’ success in math, and algebra specifically, hinges largely on mastering a clearly defined set of topics in that subject in early grades.
The Foundation has funded a variety of research-and development projects as part of its digital-learning initiative launched a year ago.
U.S. 4th graders failed to show progress on the 2006 PIRLS, despite spending more time on reading lessons than their peers internationally.
Testing officials said they released the scores early after the results unexpectedly appeared in a Spanish newspaper.
One small N.Y.C. public school for immigrant students has a graduation rate that outpaces that of many other public schools in the city.
The program, designed to target incompetent tenured teachers, is under attack from the local teachers’ union who describe it as a “witch hunt.”
State Journal
A top lawmaker is pushing to replace local property taxes for education with a statewide sales tax as the state gears up to fight a lawsuit from school districts over the current funding formula.
For all of this year’s debate about the reauthorization of the No Child Left Behind Act, virtually no one has brought up the question of how best to give out billions of dollars a year under the law.
Many eligible students have not taken advantage of two new federal grant programs that help high-performing students from low-income backgrounds pay for college.
Federal File
The University of Texas at Austin has built a teacher education model that presents courses through the lens of math and science.
Improving America’s schools requires more than just changing who’s in charge, Jacob E. Adams Jr. & Robert F. Sexton argue.
Zach Constan explains how science teachers can become "modern-day Mr. Wizards."
With NCLB reauthorization on hold, we should move toward common standards—and fewer excuses, John Merrow argues.

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