What We Know About: Developing an Effective Substitute Teacher Program

If you want to ensure a high-quality teacher in every classroom, every day, then you need to develop and implement an effective substitute teacher program.

This book tackles head on what has come to be widely known as the "substitute teacher problem"-the very real likelihood that on any given school day the teaching and learning process will be disrupted for both students and staff-for lack of enough qualified teachers. Identify ways to more effectively recruit, hire, train, and retain quality substitute teachers!

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Table of Contents
I. Scope of the Challenge 5
II. Finding and Recruiting High-Quality Substitute Teachers 13
III. Providing Training for Substitute Teachers 29
IV. When a Substitute Comes to School 47
V. Roles and Responsibilities of Principals and Classroom Teachers in Ensuring Substitute Success 57
VI. Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Substitute Teacher Program 67

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