| Updated: July 1, 2020

WATCH: Teaching in the Time of Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic has impacted every aspect of life in the United States, school buildings across the country have closed and learning has moved online. Teachers have needed to rapidly adapt to their new teaching environments.

Amongst others, we hear from a 2nd grade teacher in Arkansas working in a school where 80 percent of students are English-language learners, and an 8th grade teacher in Hawaii trying to share the nuances of Romeo and Juliet through video conference. Though they’ve experienced challenges unique to them, to their grade level, to their region, and their subject matter, they also share many commonalities in the highs and lows of their new normal.

In the first piece of this series, we hear from all four teachers who provide a barometer of sorts on the state of education in the early days and weeks of the pandemic. Subsequent pieces will follow up with each teacher as the school year ends and they look ahead to the summer and fall amidst the uncertainty that remains over what the new school year will bring.

Meet the Teachers

First in a series of five videos, we hear from teachers across the country who share their experiences in adapting to new teaching environments due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Justin Minkel on Teaching Vulnerable Populations During the Pandemic

Justin Minkel, an elementary school teacher from Arkansas, discusses the progress he saw through remote learning, his concerns for the vulnerable population he teaches, and what he’s preparing for come fall.

Christina Torres on Leading Her Students Through the Anti-Racism Movement, and a Pandemic

Christina Torres, a middle school teacher in Hawaii, discusses the steps she’s taking to prepare for the fall, including teaching her students about anti-racism as the issue has moved to the forefront during the pandemic.

Russell Stahlke on the Pre-Pandemic Education Crisis and Where We Go From Here

Russell Stahlke, an elementary school teacher in Washington, discusses the challenges education was facing even before the pandemic and the steps he thinks need to be taken to get all students to an equitable place.

From Her Classroom, Ariel Sacks Reflects on Teaching and Parenting During a Pandemic

Ariel Sacks, a middle school teacher in New York City, discusses the steps she’s taking to prepare for the fall, and the challenges she’s working to address.

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Video Credits:
Filmed by: Justin Minkel, Christina Torres, Ariel Sacks, and Russell Stahlke
Edited and Produced by: Jaclyn Borowski

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