To conclude Education Week's special series, New Orleans Public Schools: Recovery & Reform, Paul G. Pastorek and Paul G. Vallas addressed questions about progress in the Recovery School District and ongoing challenges in the city.

Special Online Series

The Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Charter School for Science and Technology’s return to the Lower Ninth Ward has been the story of recovery and rebuilding in New Orleans.

Student Stories: A New Orleans Classroom Chronicle

Starting Over with Roslyn Johnson Smith

NOLA An Education Timeline
May 30, 2008  With strong backing from Republican Gov. Bobby Jindal, versions of the measure have passed the House and two key Senate committees. The Senate finance committee approved the plan today on a 6-4 vote.
May 21, 2008  Regular exposure to people connected to higher education is a key piece of one New Orleans charter school's academic model.
April 9, 2008  Plenty of academic programs, but uneven progress, mark New Orleans’ recovery district.
February 27, 2008  Ensuring that families have their pick of an array of attractive public schools has been tricky in post-Katrina New Orleans.
February 27, 2008  The Web project is intended to offer a clearer picture of how much the government is spending to rebuild public schools in the city.
February 13, 2008  The overhaul would offer career-oriented magnet programs at each campus, along with a districtwide college-preparatory curriculum of honors and Advanced Placement courses.
Q & A With Paul G. Vallas (August 14 2007)
January 16, 2008  Settling back in to school has been a struggle for thousands of New Orleans students whose lives were disrupted by Katrina.
December 27, 2007  New Orleans' Recovery School District could dole out up to $3,000 to teachers and $5,000 to principals under a merit-pay plan based largely on test scores. (AP)
November 26, 2007  The program was conceived to offer students in 6th through 12th grades support services and placement in one of the 34 schools that the RSD is operating this school year.
November 14, 2007  Hundreds of fresh recruits, many of them new to K-12 teaching, are filling public school classrooms across the city in Katrina’s aftermath.
October 23, 2007  Thousands of public high school students in New Orleans received their own laptop computers this month—part of a $53 million technology initiative by the Recovery School District to modernize some of the nation’s most rundown classrooms.
October 16, 2007  Eddie Compass, the well-known former superintendent of police in New Orleans and now director for security and safety for the Recovery School District, sat down recently with Education Week to talk about his new job and his approach to school security.
October 3, 2007  State and district leaders are tackling dilemmas school by school as they struggle to rebuild and repair campus buildings in New Orleans.
October 2, 2007  Overseen by a group of veteran Orleans Parish educators, McDonogh 42 school is the first of three elementary schools that the group intends to open in the neighborhood that sits just a few blocks north of the French Quarter.
September 10, 2007  Private donors and outside organizations are helping to provide new instruments after Katrina left band rooms in ruins.
September 4, 2007  Today is the first day of school for more than 13,000 children enrolled in the Recovery School District, the state-run system that took over most of this city’s public schools in the months after Hurricane Katrina hit two years ago.
August 20, 2007  A collection of education-related organizations and reports on the recovery and reform of the New Orleans school district.
August 15, 2007  Educators in New Orleans, as they did last school year, are scrambling to repair enough buildings by Sept. 4, opening day in the Recovery School District.
August 14, 2007  The new superintendent of the state-run Recovery School District in New Orleans spoke to Education Week’s Lesli A. Maxwell on July 18, seven weeks before the first day of the 2007-08 school year.

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