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Education Week Leadership Symposium 2022

K-12 Education's Premier Leadership Event
This event occurred May 09, 2022 1:00 PM EDT - May 11, 2022 5:00 PM EDT.
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About the Symposium

In this unique three-day virtual event, school and district leaders are invited to join Education Week to discuss the top issues and challenges confronting leaders today. We’ll tap into the deep reporting knowledge of Education Week’s editorial staff and research team; convene experts, practitioners, and researchers; and celebrate the 2022 Leaders To Learn From honorees.

Through a variety of session formats, guests, and topics, each day will offer attendees the opportunity to dive into the ever-changing landscape which school and district leaders are charged with navigating. Attendees will leave with actionable takeaways that can be adopted and adapted to schools and districts everywhere.

Gain insight from leaders, innovators, and influencers to:

  • Rebound faster from the disruptions of the 2021-22 school year
  • Learn proven tactics to help guide your strategy for the 2022-23 school year
  • Discover the latest findings and best practices delivered to you by Education Week’s K-12 journalists, experts, and Research Center
  • Find inspiration and community

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May 9

Teaching & Learning

The 2021-22 school year wasn’t a smooth onramp to more-typical teaching and learning as we’d hoped or anticipated. But it did bring a clear and urgent picture of the state of student learning and the teaching profession. Just as multiple data sources show the large-scale need to make up for lost learning time and academic setbacks, the nation’s teacher corps is in a state of volatility that will make the imperative of catching students up especially challenging. During this day, we will tackle issues that can help school and district leaders brainstorm solutions and set priorities for the 2022-23 school year and beyond, including:

• Millions of students need ongoing academic supports to make up the ground they lost in the pandemic’s disruptions of learning. What are the best sources for understanding what the scale of student learning recovery is in our schools and districts?

• What are the best practices, supported by evidence, that leaders should prioritize and use to craft a broader strategy for learning recovery?

• What does accelerated learning really mean and how can systems and schools support teacher efforts to do it effectively? For districts already trying specific strategies, what are the challenges they are encountering?

• What strategies can school and district leaders use to improve teacher and staff morale and stave off the possibility of a talent drain at this critical time?

1:00pm ET

Welcome & Opening Remarks

1:10pm ET

Flash Briefing: How Teachers Spend Their Time

1:30pm ET

Leadership Interview: Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Supporting Literacy and STEM Learning

1:50pm ET

Panel Discussion: Acceleration and Other Best Practices for Learning Recovery

2:45pm ET

Leadership Interview: What ‘Equity’ Looks Like on the Ground

3:05pm ET

Industry Perspective: Assess Before You Address: Evaluating the Residual Effects of the Pandemic on Learning

3:25pm ET

Leadership Interview: Transforming a District by Putting Students' Well-Being First

3:55pm ET

Industry Perspective: The Future Is Human: The Transformation From Human to Digital to Human + Digital Instruction

4:15pm ET

Panel Discussion: A Profession in Crisis, Findings From a National Teacher Survey

4:40pm ET

Ideas Into Action: A Conversation With Kurt Russell, the 2022 National Teacher of the Year

5:00pm ET

Day One Closing Remarks

May 10

The Well-Being of Students and Staff

The physical, mental, and emotional health of students and staff has been profoundly affected by the pandemic, deep political divisions, and an unrelenting cycle of hardship and difficult news close to home and around the world. The data on child well-being is stark, and survey after survey of the K-12 workforce over the past two years show sobering levels of stress, burnout, depression, and serious consideration of leaving the profession. Stack that on top of the long, hard work required for learning recovery, and it feels like a daunting, if not downright impossible, responsibility for schools for next year and beyond. On this day, you will hear from experts and practitioners about ideas, strategies, and solutions they are trying to address without sacrificing the well-being and job satisfaction of the adults. We will tackle important questions including:

• With limited resources to address mental health challenges, what is realistic for most schools to do, and how can school and district leaders avoid alienating teachers and other key staff?

• Are we putting the chief enterprise of teaching and learning at risk by asking principals, teachers, and other staff to focus so much on student mental health and well-being?

• What types of support do teachers most want from their leaders? How can you avoid the perils of superficial self-care initiatives?

• Who else can help? And what would that look like?

• There’s lots of joy and resilience in our schools. We’ll share some of those moments.

1:00pm ET

Opening Remarks

1:05pm ET

Flash Briefing: District Demands for SEL, What They Want From Organizations in the Market

1:25pm ET

Leadership Interview: Language Access, A Key to Strengthening the School-Family Bond

1:45pm ET

Panel Discussion: Beyond Superficial Self-Care, What Support for Teacher and Staff Well-Being Should Look Like

2:40pm ET

Industry Perspective: Leadership Lessons: Strengthening Social-Emotional Learning Practices for Students and Staff

3:00pm ET

Leadership Interview: Improving Student Well-Being Through Telehealth

3:20pm ET

Panel Discussion: A Mental Health Imperative: Strategies Schools Can Use To Support Students

4:15pm ET

Industry Perspective: Centering Kids in the Educational Experience

4:35pm ET

Leadership Interview: Engaging Parents and Families With Authenticity

5:15pm ET

Recognition Program: 2022 Leaders To Learn From Recognition Ceremony

May 11


School and district leaders have been whipsawed by an unpredictable pandemic; fiery debates over health and safety precautions, as well as what’s being taught in classrooms; and an acute staffing crisis, just to name a few. Along with those external pressures, leaders may be carrying a heavy internal weight—borne out of second-guessing high-stakes decisions they’ve had to continually make. How will these experiences change our K-12 leaders at the school and district level? What lessons have we learned? You will hear and learn from your peers who will talk about big lessons they are drawing from the last two years and how it’s shaping their priorities for their school communities longer-term, and get answers to questions about the new and future challenges for leaders and to the overall field of K-12 leadership, including:

• How have the hardships of the last two years made you a better leader and a better decisionmaker? And how can you build a more bottom-up decision-making culture that draws on the experience and knowledge of district administrators, principals, and teachers?

• What are the skills and tools current and future leaders need to move forward, emerging from the crisis of COVID to tackle the big challenges for public education that the pandemic exacerbated?

• What will it take to bring more women into higher levels of leadership in our school systems?

• How do we reset from the pandemic and ensure our students and other stakeholders are able to do the same?

1:00pm ET

Opening Remarks

1:00PM ET

Leadership Interview: Leadership Ideas into Action, Strategic Thinking, Planning, and Execution

1:20pm ET

Panel Discussion: Why Aren't More Women Running Our School Districts?

2:05pm ET

Leadership Interview: Financial Planning That Prioritizes Student Achievement

2:25pm ET

Industry Perspective: From the Classroom to the Corner Office

2:55pm ET

Leadership Interview: The Pivotal Role of the School Librarian

3:15pm ET

Industry Perspective: Equity: How to Facilitate Systemic Change

3:35pm ET

Panel Discussion: Finding a Balance, How to Create a Healthy, Supportive School Community

4:20pm ET

Q&A With Roberto J. Rodríguez, Assistant Secretary for Planning, Evaluation, and Policy Development at the U.S. Department of Education

4:45 PM

Closing Remarks

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This event is made free for district and school leaders in part from support from our Sponsors.

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