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This Year’s Most Popular Q & A Posts!

By Larry Ferlazzo — July 10, 2015 2 min read
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Next week, I’ll begun posting updated thematic compilations of posts from the first four year’s of this blog’s existence (along with continuing my series of interviews with authors).

Today, though, I thought readers might be interested in seeing a list of the ten most popular posts published this year.

If you scroll past these top eight from this year, I’ve also listed several posts from previous years that have enduring popularity and received many visits this school year.

1. Response: Teachers Should Dress As Students’ Advocate, Not ‘Peer’

Four educators - Roxanna Elden, Renee Moore, Jane Fung, and Rebecca Mieliwocki - share their thoughts on how teachers should dress.

2. Response: ‘Teachers Don’t Leave High-Poverty Urban Districts; They Are Exiled’

Lots of contributors to this post: Pia Lindquist Wong, Rufus Thompson, Gail L. Thompson, Yvette Jackson, Veronica McDermott, Karen Baptiste, Joseph F. Johnson, Jr., Cynthia L. Uline, and Lynne G. Perez.

3. Response: The Best Ways to Engage Students in Learning

Responses in this column come from Julia Thompson, Myron Dueck, Bryan Harris, and Debbie Silver.

4. Response: Positive Classroom Management Strategies - Part One

Today’s responses are from Bryan Harris, Marcia Imbeau, Pernille Ripp, Gianna Cassetta, Brook Sawyer and Julia Thompson.

5. Response: Teacher Evaluations Need to ‘Support, Not Sort’

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten, California Teachers Association President Dean Vogel, and 2012 National Teacher Of The Year Rebecca Mieliwocki share their ideas.

6. Response: Goal Of Classroom Management Is to Have Power ‘With,’ Not ‘Over,’ Kids

This post features the thoughts of Dr. Debbie Silver, Richard L. Curwin, and Marcia L. Tate.

7. Response: Ways to Teach Math Besides ‘Drill the Skill’

In this post, responses come from educators Anne Collins, Sue O’Connell, Alexandra Mattis and José Luis Vilson.

8. Response: Ways to Build ‘Authentic Engagement’ & Not ‘Strategic Compliance’

Educators Vicki Davis, Rusul Alrubail, Laura Cabrera and Dana Dusbiber contribute their suggestions.

And here are posts from previous years with the most enduring popularity:

Response: Classroom Strategies to Foster a Growth Mindset

Professor Carol Dweck and Dr. Lisa Blackwell wrote this guest post.

Response: Several Ways To Differentiate Instruction

Carol Tomlinson and Rick Wormeli share their ideas.

Several Ways We Can Teach Social Studies More Effectively -- Part One

Stephen Lazar, Bill Bigelow, and Sarah Kirby-Gonzalez are contributors to this post.

Response: Several Ways to Connect With Disengaged Students

Jim Peterson, who I consider one of my mentors, and educator/author Mike Anderson are featured here.

So, You Want To Be A Principal?

Justin Baeder, Allan R. Bonilla and Josh Stumpenhorst share their reflections.

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