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The Education Industry & NCLB Reauthorization

By Alexander Russo — February 01, 2007 1 min read
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There’s been a ton of instant analysis about the politics of the proposed NCLB reauthorization, and its substantive impact on schools (if any). But what I haven’t seen much of any of is an analysis of how it would affect the education industry -- publishers, testing companies, tutoring and test prep folks, school management folks. And so, here’s my quick take:

Testing: As long as voluntary national testing doesn’t happen, the testing folks have to be happy with NCLB since it brings in so much business -- annual tests, lots of subjects, so much analysis to be done. (Of course, as in the case of Harcourt in IL, they’re having trouble delivering.)

Publishing: I don’t see much obvious impact, except that restructured schools often have to change curricula and materials so that creates new opps.

Tutoring: These folks have to be happy since the proposed law would put tutoring ahead of choice nationwide (it’s currently a pilot) and beef up the requirements for providing services a little.

School Management: The big winners here, school management folks would have all sorts of new opportunities if schools in years 5 and 6 had to convert to charter or come under new management. There’d be an almost instant increase in charters -- oh, and that charter cap busting provision, too.

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