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Curmudgucation Digest (September 28)

By Peter Greene — September 28, 2014 1 min read
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Here’s what was happening last week at that other blog...

Running a Business with No Employees

There’s a business model out there for running businesses with independent contractors-- workers who are gievn independence from benefits and pensions. Is it the goal for school managers?

How Much Remediation Is Needed?

Reformsters warn us that too many college freshmen need remediation. Is there an explanation other than “public high school suck”?

CCSS: Set in Stone?

Does it matter that the Common Core is copyrighted?

Can We Be Less Nice, Please and Thank You?

In which I discover successful edu-blogger Katie Knight, who seems capable of calling out baloney, but then feels the need to apologize for it. Could we not do that, please?

Reforming Accountability: Does CRPE Have Something New To Say?

CRPE has some new ideas about accountability. Okay, actually they don’t-- but they do have some new ability to identify real obstacles to their goals.


If reformy stuff is so fabulous, why is so much of it shrouded in secrecy?

The Missing Link in the Reading Debate

The great leveling debate erupted again this week. Here’s what it was overlooking.

Why Teachers Can’t Have a Seat at the Table

In which I try to think of all the possible reasons that teachers have not been included in the public education discussions of the last decade.

Corbett, Wolf, Money and Schools in PA

Education-- particularly education finance-- has become an issue of the PA gubernatorial race. Can we sort through the rhetoric?

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