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Curmudgucation Digest (July 12)

By Peter Greene — July 12, 2015 1 min read
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Charters, a new documentary, and politicians on parade. Just another July in educationland.

Detroit News Is Clueless

The Detroit News runs a piece that lauds educational experts descending on Detroit. Turns out we may have different ideas of what constitutes an educational expert.

Watch “Education, Inc.”

Review of the new education documentary.

Consolidating Charter Gains

Are charter boosters shifting strategy to move from making inroads to consolidating hold on territory.

Jeb’s Ed Backers Revealed

Well, now we know who’s backing Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education. Hint: not a bunch of regular citizens and teachers.

MA: Reinventing the Wheel

A Teach Plus TFA grad tries to make a case for the magical powers of PARCC.


Should we be excited about the ESEA rewrite, or not?

PA: Ugly Cut Scores Coming

This week Pennsylvania adopted some new cut scores for the Big Test. Here’s just how bad they look.


Teaching While Black has always been a challenge in this country, and that problem doesn’t seem to be improving.

Competing Globally

We keep talking about preparing students for global competition. What does that mean, exactly?

Florida Charter Scam (Part 23,174)

One more charter school scame. This time in Florida.

WI: Cheering Public Ed Destruction

The Heartland Institute is happy to see Wisconsin working to dismantle public education.

Jeb: Beware Big Words

Jeb Bush apparently thinks education should stop before students learn too many big words.

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