Education Reporter's Notebook

One Thin Dime

By Erik W. Robelen & Mark Walsh — September 21, 2004 1 min read

A button on sale at political-memorabilia booths around Boston alluded to the No Child Left Behind Act, but it left some convention participants scratching their heads.

The button said, “Leave No Child a Dime,” with a picture of a 10-cent piece.

Just what message the button was trying to convey about the school improvement law or any other federal policy was less than clear to some who looked it over.

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Princess Moss, a teacher from Louisa, Va., and the incoming president of the Virginia Education Association, said, “My interpretation is that No Child Left Behind is mandated, but there’s no funding for it.”

Others weren’t so sure, with one visitor saying she thought “Leave No Child a Dime” probably referred to what she viewed as the Republicans’ failure to deal with the problems of the Social Security system.

For what it’s worth, the button did not appear to be a big seller.