Long and Articulate vs. Superficial and Sarcastic

By Kevin Bushweller — February 23, 2007 1 min read
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Fast Companymagazine has a regular feature called Best Blogs. In the March issue, the magazine focuses on education blogs.

I find it heartening that their three picks go against the grain of narrow-minded bloggers who think all blogs have to be characterized by superficially short posts dripping with sarcasm and self involvement. (That’s right, I’m feeling a bit of antipathy today toward self involved bloggers.)

So, way to go Fast Company! Thanks for choosing substance over style. The first pick, 2 Cents Worth, is noted for being “pretty meaty; the second, Moving at the Speed of Creativity, is characterized by “long, articulate posts"; and the third, Joanne Jacobs, makes education research “accessible for non-wonks.”

All of these blogs touch on issues related to student motivation.

A Feb. 22 post in The Speed of Creativity titled “More than the 3 R’s?” is especially worth reading. Of course, it is a long and articulate entry, so if you don’t like thoughtful analysis, these blogs aren’t for you.

The more I delve into the world of blogs, the more I realize that good blogs come in all shapes and sizes, from long and articulate to superficial and sarcastic.

What’s your preference?

A version of this news article first appeared in the Motivation Matters blog.