Live From the T+L Conference: Day 1

By Katie Ash — October 28, 2008 1 min read
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Hello from Seattle, where I am reporting from the National School Board Association’s T+L Conference. So far since I’ve been here, I’ve picked up the new copy of Digital Directions, talked with several ed-tech companies about the newest products on the market today, and brainstormed about the educational value of using cell phones and other mobile technologies in the classroom with chief technology officers from around the country at the Consortium for School Networking’s CTO Forum.

In addition to a panel discussion about how those mobile technologies can successfully be used in the classroom, COSN launched two new initiatives today: Green Computing, led by Rich Kaestner, and IT Crisis Preparedness, led by COSN’s Linda Sharp.

The Green Computing initiative will focus on three target areas: purchase and disposal, energy use, and reducing waste. To help school districts become more “green” in those areas, the new initiative will gather information about sustainable computing practices, best practices, and tips for school districts. The Web site also includes an energy calculator so districts can figure out how much energy they’re using—and how much they could save by adjusting the way schools run.

The IT Crisis Preparedness initiative is working to help chief technology officers take a lead role in disaster preparedness plans—whether they be natural (like a hurricane or forest fire) or man-made (like a cyber security issue.) The Web site includes resources for school districts to be better prepared for disasters, profiles of innovative school districts who have tackled this obstacle well, and tips on how to recover from a disaster, if one should happen.

I’ll be attending many more sessions tomorrow, so stay tuned to Digital Education for more about what’s coming out of this year’s T+L Conference.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Digital Education blog.