Getting Creative With Content: Podcasting

By Craig Stone — September 14, 2006 1 min read
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Podcasting. Heard of it? Maybe you have (it’s been in popular use since 2004). Do you know what it means? You probably do have a fair idea by now, but this link will help you out, too. Do you know how to create a podcast? This might be more of a test, but don’t worry, we’re not entirely sure ourselves yet, although we’re a lot closer to knowing than we were six days ago.

I recently attended the inaugural PodCamp in Boston to glean as much information as possible about podcasting; how to produce them, how to choose good content, and how to get them out to your public. We are working to produce a podcast for subscribers that would provide you with content from all areas of our site, as well as milking the knowledge and expertise of the more than 30 staff writers, editors, and producers working here at EPE towers.

Of course, before we crank out the podcast, we need a solid idea for good content. That’s where you come in. Yes you, our readers. What would you most like to hear from an podcast? We have some ideas of our own, but you are the ones who would be listening to the show, so if you have ideas, please forward them to me at If you want to sample other news podcasts as a taster, here are some picks:

MSNBC; and
• Jim Lehrer’s NewHour podcast.

For the past five years I have produced most of the audio on the site, and I believe podcasting is our next step to further enhance our product. No longer will you have to be at your computer to read, listen, or view a news story or feature from Our idea is for you to be able to take with you in the car, or on the bus, train, or even along on the short walk, or hard run home from the office.

As my colleague Cheri notes below, we at strive to deliver content to our users in ways that are innovative but, more importantly, useful. This past year we have added an RSS feed to the site, produced video content to accompany stories, added various blogs, and continued to provide creative audio and photo galleries to enhance Education Week stories and original content.

Quite soon, the podcast will add to this mix.

Craig Stone
Senior Online Producer

A version of this news article first appeared in the Behind the Scenes blog.