Exemplary High-School Math Teachers Win $2,500 Stipends

May 23, 1984 4 min read

Eighty high-school science and mathematics teachers from the District of Columbia, Florida, Massachusetts, and North Carolina have been chosen to receive a $2,500 stipend for graduate or advanced professional training as part of a $750,000 “Growth Initiatives for Teachers” program sponsored by the gte Foundation.

The foundation is an arm of gte, a high-technology telecommunications and electronics company based in Stamford, Conn.

Under the new program, piloted by gte last year with 22 teachers in North Carolina, the participating instructors will also have an opportunity to attend a training seminar this summer at the gte Laboratories in Waltham, Mass., and will receive an additional $2,500 “enrichment grant” for instructional activities for students. That sum is to be matched by each teacher’s school.

The localities selected for the program were chosen, said a foundation spokesman, on the basis of their “emphasis on the need for improvement in education” and the high priority they place on strengthening mathematics and science instruction.

Selection of the 80 winners was made by the Educational Testing Service on the basis of criteria established by the foundation.

Following are the names of the winners and their schools. In the listing, (M) denotes math teachers, (S) those who teach sciences.

Washington, D.C.: Constance E. Brooks (M) and Henry Saunders (S) from McKinley Senior High School; Rosalie A. Dance (M) and John O. Thayer (S) from Frank W. Ballou High School; Mary S. Ellsworth (S) and Joseph J. Innes (M) from the Model Secondary School for the Deaf; Ethel C. Henderson (M) and Pattie W. Spady (S) from Benjamin Banneker High School; Samuel L. Henderson (M) and Joan J. Stanley (S) from Cardozo High School.

Florida: Catharine H. Colwell (S) and John A. McCabe (M) from Mainland Senior High School, Daytona Beach; Gary L. Coon (M) and Marianne D. Worley (S) from Oscedla High School, Seminole; Elizabeth A. Ferguson (S) and Gaetana I. Levinson (M) from H.B. Plant High School, Tampa; Edward M. Gates (S) and Joe D. Orr (M) from Marathon High School, West Palm Beach; Beryle A. Greenberg (M) and Barbara S. Tohm (S) from South Dade High School, Homestead; Susan S. Hammer (S) and Terry Templeton (M) from Jean Ribault Senior High School, Jacksonville; Jane A. Harris (S) and Sharon H. Suits (S) from Okeechobee Junior High School, Okeechobee; Charlsa A. Henderson (S) and Sharon L. Tedcastle (M) from Santaluces Community High School, Lantana; Jerry G. Holt (M) and Panela A. Murack (S) from North Shore High School, West Palm Beach; Rose C. Momm (M) and Judith K. Perrella (S) from Academy of Holy Names, Tampa; Otto Phanstiel (S) and Alan K. Spence (M) from Jacksonville Epis High School, Jacksonville; and Janet D. Williams (M) and Richard A. Williams (S) from Winter Haven Senior High School, Winter Haven.

Massachusetts: Betsy H. Barrows (M) and Kenneth H. Barrows (S) from Gateway Regional High School, Huntington; Babette A. Brackett (M) and Kerry A. Byrne (M) from North Shore Community School, Peabody; Harvey R. Champigny (M) and J.F. Donahue (S) from James S. Daley High School, Lowell; Charles F. Brown (S) and Joan V. Vital (M) from Norton High School, Norton; William W. Chandler (M) and Richard P. Hamilton (S) from Mt. Greylock Regional High School, Williamstown; John Clippinger (M) and Lawrence J. Murphy (S) from Beaver Country Day School, Chestnut Hill; Ronald D. Defronzo (M) and William J. Fiske (S) from Franklin High School, Franklin; Richard E. Gerst (M) and Patrick J. Lawton (S) from Lawrence High School, Lawrence; Shirley L. Griffin (S) and Brenda J. Smith (M) from Oakmont Regional High School, South Ashburnham; Carol B. Knox (S) and Richard J. Peller (M) from Northfield Mt. Hermon, Northfield; Edward K. Kopec (S) and Maureen C. MacLeod (M) from Martha’s Vineyard High School, Oak Bluffs; Wayne Saintpeter (S) and Larry M. Soine (M) from Holyoke High School, Holyoke; and Robert F. Siggens (S) and Stanley H. Vergnani (M) from Somerville High School, Somerville.

North Carolina: Laura S. Artis (M) and Wilma L. Godwin (S) from South Robeson High School, Rowland; Sharon D. Brower (M) and Tonina W. Enloe (S) from Brevard Middle School, Brevard; Judith Mitchellcheek (M) and Barbara H. Ratliff (S) from The Phillips School, Chapel Hill; Anne F. Barefoot (S) and Wayne King (M) from Whiteville High School, Whiteville; Kevin G. Bartkovich (M) and Mary L. Bellamy (S) from North Carolina School-Science/Math, Durham; Johnnie E. Cockman (M) and Karen H. Griffin (S) from Union Pines High School, Cameron; James T. Ebert (M) and Louis C. Parry (S) from Durham Academy Upper School, Durham; David J. Fortney (S) and Douglas L. Jones (M) from Asheville Country Day School, Asheville; Robert W. Ladu (S) and Alan C. Justus (M) from Clyde A. Erwin High School, Asheville; and Louise J. Mowbray (S) and Sarah R. Spoon (M) from R.J. Reynolds High School, Winston-Salem.

A version of this article appeared in the May 23, 1984 edition of Education Week as Exemplary High-School Math Teachers Win $2,500 Stipends