CNN Gives Education Headlines a Summer Break

July 11, 2007 1 min read

The nation’s schoolchildren aren’t the only ones taking a vacation from school. When it relaunched its Web site last month nixed the “Education” news link on its home page in favor of a category dubbed “Funny News,” Dan Brown reports on the Huffington Post.

So now you’ll have to drill deep into the Web site for a video report on the crisis in Los Angeles’ schools, or for news articles on the latest education studies. But if your brain is on summer break, you can easily find much lighter fare. Like the story chronicling an Oregon man’s flight on a lawn-chair powered by helium balloons; or the one about the bank robber in Manchester, N.H., who thought up a novel disguise: a tree.

Some Huffington Post readers blasted the decision, while comments on generally praise the network for its redesigned homepage. Mitch Gelman,’s senior executive producer, noted in an email that CNN has not reduced its coverage of education news and issues. “We are still covering education, are still publishing the Student News site, and will be bringing back an education destination page at some point post-relaunch,” he wrote.

A version of this news article first appeared in the Around the Web blog.