Charters & Choice Friday News Roundup: It’s a School Choice Buffet

By Arianna Prothero — September 12, 2014 1 min read
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From homeschooling in the heartland to Democratic in-fighting over charters in the Big Apple, here’s a sampling of some of the most interesting school choice reads I’ve come across this week.

School choice buffet? Eighty-seven percent of parents have sent a child to a public school, while more than 25 percent have made use of an alternative type of school... wait, what?... According to Education Next, “The totals add up to more than 100% simply because many families are making use of more than one type of school.”

And here’s a student who’s eating from the choice buffet: Senior Whitman Wilcox V, a New Orleans native, went to a regular district school pre-Katrina, and since then has attended two charter schools, two private Catholic schools, and been homeschooled. He tells NPR about his experience in this Q&A:

An interesting look inside Indiana’s homeschooling laws and a homeschooling family in this story from StateImpact Indiana.

When policymakers start talking about regulating homeschooling, often times homeschool parents hear that as regulating parenting. [That] strikes a nerve that's a little bit more intense." —StateImpact Indiana reports on home schooling in the state, and why it's so hard to know if it's growing trend.

Did I do everything right in D.C.? Absolutely not. —Michelle Rhee in a Q&A with OZY. She also talks about her plans post-Students First. You can read the full conversation here.

Check the ‘it’s complicated’ box—The New York Times Magazine dives in:

Are charter schools the next union frontier?

I tell everyone that I meet in conversation after conversation about what we've done in the hopes that the info will get out to other charter school teachers," —an educator from a recently unionized charter school in Alameda, Calif. This is a story I reported on the California Teachers Association ramping up its organizing efforts in charter schools.

I hope to make this roundup a weekly ritual on Charters & Choice. Don’t hesitate to tweet recommendations to me @ChartersNChoice for next week’s roundup.

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