Education Report Roundup

Charter Schools

By Caroline Hendrie — September 22, 2004 1 min read

The second annual accountability report on the growing number of schools chartered by the mayor of Indianapolis paints a picture of mixed performance.

The report, “2004 Accountability Report on Mayor-Sponsored Charter Schools,” is available online from IndyGov. (Requires Adobe’s Acrobat Reader.)

Students in the five schools examined in the report generally scored lower on state standardized tests than their peers in the city’s regular public schools in fall 2003. But measured against national norms, most of the students in those charter schools posted test-score improvements indicating that they were progressing at a faster-than-average rate, according to the report.

Indianapolis Mayor Bart Peterson is the nation’s only mayor with authority to charter the largely independent public schools. As of this month, 10 schools chartered by the mayor are up and running, serving roughly 1,900 students.