Bill Cosby on Teachers

By Denise Kersten Wills — November 07, 2006 1 min read
Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby made headlines last week after giving a speech in Los Angeles about education, with news outlets reporting that he had criticized teachers and parents for not doing enough to help kids. The comedian, who holds a doctorate in education from the University of Massachusetts, has been outspoken in recent years about what the black community needs to do to close the racial achievement gap.

But Cosby says his comments about teachers were taken out of context. Rather than attacking teachers, he says, he meant only to urge them to explain to kids why they love the subjects they teach. Cosby gives his side of the story in this audio clip from a recent Teacher Magazine interview:

Listen to the clip (3:09):

Additional parts of the interview will be published in the January/February issue of Teacher