Benefits and Drawbacks

October 03, 2001 1 min read

A survey of parents and teachers found both groups see strengths and weaknesses associated with smaller schools.

Benefits of Smaller
High Schools

Parents Teachers

It’s easier to spot troubled students.
Probably right 80% 85%
Probably wrong 11 8
Not sure 10 8

It’s easier for teachers to tailor instruction to individual needs because they know the students so well.
Probably right 76% 65%
Probably wrong 14 22
Not sure 11


Drawbacks of Smaller High Schools

Parents Teachers

There’s less money for things like labs, elective courses, and school equipment.
Probably right 57% 56%
Probably wrong 24 26
Not sure 19 18

It’s tougher for a student to switch out of a class if they’re having a hard time with the teacher.
Probably right 54%


Probably wrong 29


Not sure 18


SOURCE: Public Agenda