Down Syndrome

Special Education Young Adults With Down Syndrome Star in New Cable Reality Show
"Born this Way," featuring seven young adults with Down syndrome, premieres at 10 p.m. ET December 8 on the A&E network.
Christina A. Samuels, December 7, 2015
2 min read
School & District Management Prenatal Treatment Cuts Learning Deficits in Mice With Down Syndrome
Mice with a Down syndrome-like condition had better memory and learning skills after being treated while still developing in the womb, new research shows.
Nirvi Shah, December 6, 2012
2 min read
Special Education Advocates: Uphold Grad. Rate Accountability Under NCLB Waivers
When reviewing some states' waiver applications, the Alliance for Excellent Education found that several of those approved inflate grad rates by combining calculations of the graduation rate that include GEDs with the four-year adjusted cohort rate, use alternative diplomas in their measure of high school completion, omit graduation rate accountability for student subgroups, and use extended-year graduation rates.
Nirvi Shah, October 22, 2012
2 min read
Special Education Text-to-Speech App Now Features Children's Voices
For the first time, children who cannot speak or who have speech impairments and use the text-to-speech app Proloquo2Go will sound a little more like themselves, thanks to months of work recording real children speaking.
Nirvi Shah, July 30, 2012
3 min read
Special Education U.S. Lawmakers Create Caucus Devoted to Dyslexia
The founders, one a Republican and one Democrat, are both parents of children with dyslexia.
Nirvi Shah, May 11, 2012
1 min read
Special Education Breakthroughs in Diagnosing, One Day Preventing Autism
A new collection of research makes it possible to diagnose autism in those with Down syndrome, and diagnose autism earlier--and possibly prevent it.
Nirvi Shah, October 17, 2011
3 min read
Special Education Student With Disability Eligible for School, but Not Sports
A North Carolina high school student who has Down syndrome is 19, which is too old to play on the school football team, according to state rules. But Brett Bowden can attend school until his 22nd birthday.
Nirvi Shah, August 10, 2011
1 min read
Special Education Homecoming Queen with Down Syndrome 'Walking On Air'
And now, time for a purely "good news" story: The Chicago Tribune ran a delightful article a few days ago about a young woman with Down syndrome who was chosen as homecoming queen.
Christina A. Samuels, October 22, 2008
1 min read
Special Education Bloggers Weigh in on the Debate
Lots of chatter out there about last night's debate. Here's some blog entries that I dug up:
Christina A. Samuels, October 16, 2008
1 min read
Special Education President Signs Disability Diagnosis Bill
From Patricia E. Bauer's Disability News blog, this news:
Christina A. Samuels, October 9, 2008
1 min read
Special Education Brave New World
Middle school is hard enough. Imagine what it's like for a child with Down syndrome. Sixth grader Chris Vogelberger found out last year.
Allison Shelley, July 10, 2002
8 min read