October 20, 2010

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Vol. 04, Issue Fall 2010
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Digital Directions Executive Editor Kevin Bushweller says you know the ed-tech landscape is shifting when federal policy finally adjusts to advances in technology.
Meet the people who bring Education Week Digital Directions' stories to life.
Education Week Digital Directions' list of go-to sites for educators.
GPS technologies can be used to show students how to solve real-world problems in science and other areas.
In the shifting world of the connected classroom, some suggest a seismic showdown is brewing over the value of Internet filtering.
But the jury is still out on the impact those digital tools are having on helping students with reading disabilities.
The marriage of netbooks and open source has given schools the power to create and expand 1-to-1 computing.
Schools are showing growing interest in using student-owned cellphones and netbooks to build 1-to-1 computing programs.
Most districts have the technology to support the basic digital textbooks of today, but not the interactive, multimedia-rich ones of the future.
For-profit online course providers are expanding in the K-12 market, but experts urge schools to critically evaluate the benefits the companies tout.
As Boston, Chicago, and New York City look to online credit-recovery programs, some say state “seat-time” rules need re-examining.

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