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Future of Work Opinion How Will AI Automation Affect Career and Technical Education?
It’s always been important to get education right for all students, but the arrival of ChatGPT means it’s now more important than ever.
Rick Hess, May 25, 2023
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Daniel Susskind
Daniel Susskind
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Future of Work What's the Purpose of K-12 Education in the Age of Automation?
Author Daniel Susskind talks about the role of education in a world where machines are taking over many of the tasks done by human beings.
Alyson Klein, March 22, 2021
9 min read
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Classroom Technology Q&A How Google Classroom Is Changing Teaching: Q&A With Researcher Carlo Perrotta
The popular software is bringing the “logics of datafication, automation, surveillance, and interoperability" to schools, researchers say.
Benjamin Herold, December 17, 2020
7 min read
Classroom Technology How Artificial Intelligence Might Save Time
Teachers: Could you use an extra 13 hours in your work week, or for your personal life? That might be possible in the future, according to a report published last month by McKinsey & Company.
Alyson Klein, February 11, 2020
4 min read
Future of Work Artificial Intelligence Could Free Up 13 Hours a Week for Teachers, Report Finds
A new report estimates that 20 to 40 percent of the tasks teachers spend time on, including grading, lesson planning, general administration, could be outsourced to technology.
Alyson Klein, January 29, 2020
2 min read
Teaching Report Roundup Research Report: Teaching
Forty percent of what elementary school teachers do on a typical workday could be automated by 2030, predicts a new report by the McKinsey Global Institute.
Benjamin Herold, June 11, 2019
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Education Forty Percent of Elementary School Teachers' Work Could Be Automated By 2030, McKinsey Global Institute Predicts
Women could experience coming changes in the workforce in a very different way than men, requiring a concerted effort by schools to prepare today's girls accordingly, according to a new report.
Benjamin Herold, June 4, 2019
5 min read
School & District Management Tech Advances, Automation Fueling Employers' Demand for 'Soft Skills'
Employers are putting a premium on soft-skills—like attention to detail—that aren't always easy to capture or measure.
Alyson Klein, May 21, 2019
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Classroom Technology Could Artificial Intelligence Automate Student Note-Taking?
An AI-powered digital assistant to take notes for you? It’s already happening in the workplace, but classroom note taking could prove harder to automate.
Benjamin Herold, February 26, 2019
6 min read
Equity & Diversity Automation, Jobs, and Education: 7 Key Takeaways From New Brookings Analysis
Young workers are poised to be hit especially hard by automation, the Brookings Institution found, but schools can help by focusing on students' digital skills, creativity, and emotional intelligence.
Benjamin Herold, January 24, 2019
5 min read
Privacy & Security Educators and Artificial Intelligence: "Err on the Side of Caution," Says RAND Researcher
AI-powered tools may augment teachers, a new RAND report argues--but only if big concerns around bias and transparency are first addressed.
Benjamin Herold, January 23, 2019
6 min read
Education Opinion The Age of Automation Demands that Students Learn Soft Skills
Wise educators and other stakeholders need to ask: How best do we prepare students for the coming age of automation?
Matthew Lynch, August 23, 2018
1 min read
Future of Work Opinion Getting Ready for the Jobs of the Future
What skills will students need for the jobs of the future? How will the automation economy impact the employment landscape? Tom and Emily dive into the future of work and how schools can best support students and help them become career ready.
Tom Vander Ark, January 24, 2018
8 min read
College & Workforce Readiness Automation Will Create More Jobs Than It Will Eliminate, Analyst Says
The author of a new study on jobs and automation predicts that technology will create more jobs than it will eliminate, and says that it is more essential than ever for business and government to invest in training and retraining workers.
Catherine Gewertz, December 22, 2017
2 min read