Your Favorite Last-Day-of-School Photos

As educators and students across the country headed into the final days of the school year, some shared photos of those last moments with Education Week via Instagram.

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As the school year was winding down, Education Week and Education Week Teacher asked educators to help us capture the moment.

We wanted to show our audience what the last day of school looks like across the country, so we asked teachers and school administrators to share their photos of the big day.

The result is this collection of creative, fun, and poignant images.

Looking to submit? Here's how.

How to Participate:

• On your last day of school, share any photos you take throughout your day on Instagram with the hashtag #EWoutforsummer. Be creative with your photos.

• Include a caption that tells where the photo was taken (city and state) and a brief description of what the photo is of.

• Be sure submitted photographs conform to your school media policies regarding publication of identifiable students. And please read the fine print below about how your images might be used.

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The Fine Print:
Submitted photographs must conform to your local school media policies regarding publication of identifiable students. By submitting photographs to us, you are giving Education Week permission to publish the photograph. Editors at Education Week will review all submitted images, then select suitable and appropriate photographs for an online gallery that will appear on Education Week staff may choose a representative sample of these photographs to appear in a future print issue of Education Week as well. While you maintain the copyright to submitted photographs, Education Week may reuse these photographs to promote and/or advertise this project.