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Editors Note: Our Web Watch blog will no longer be updated as of April 26, 2010. For our take on the latest teaching news, please visit our new blog, Teaching Now.
Anthony Rebora, April 26, 2010
1 min read
Professional Development N.Y.'s New Route to a Master's in Teaching
The N.Y. State Board of Regents voted unanimously to allow alternative-certification programs to create their own master's degree programs; previously, traditional education schools were the only outlet for master's degrees in teaching.
Bryan Toporek, April 21, 2010
1 min read
Education The Teacher and The Tea Party
Fox News is reporting that the Oregon affiliate of the controversial Tea Party movement isn't looking to punish an Oregon middle school technology teacher for publicly lambasting the group. They want him to get help.
Elizabeth Rich, April 21, 2010
1 min read
Curriculum Bribery Pays
A Harvard economist shares the results of his recent work--the largest-ever study of financial incentives inside the classroom.
Bryan Toporek, April 16, 2010
2 min read
Teaching Teaching Students the Web's Potential Pitfalls
With students spending a huge chunk of their days in front of a computer, schools have recognized the need to teach their students about responsible Internet use.
Bryan Toporek, April 13, 2010
1 min read
Education Turning to the Teachers
In a switch, the Los Angeles school board recently decided to effectively turn a troubled high school over to its own teachers.
Anthony Rebora, April 9, 2010
1 min read
Special Education True Inclusion
With school bullying issues dominating the headlines, it's nice to see a story like this.
Anthony Rebora, April 7, 2010
1 min read
Education Food Fight
A new reality TV show has British celebrity chef Jamie Oliver landing at an elementary school in America's "unhealthiest city" to help the students clean up their act.
Elizabeth Rich, March 30, 2010
1 min read
Curriculum Teacher Fakes Shooting for Sake of Science
A science teacher in the U.K. faked his own death on his school's playground for a science project, but not all student witnesses were in the know.
Bryan Toporek, March 29, 2010
1 min read
Education The Biggest March Madness Upset Yet
In the midst of a bracket-busting first weekend of the NCAA tournament, one autistic 17-year-old still has a perfect bracket going.
Bryan Toporek, March 25, 2010
1 min read
Teaching The Cost of Copying Homework
A recent study led by an MIT professor reveals troubling statistics for students who copy a large percentage of their homework from their peers.
Bryan Toporek, March 24, 2010
1 min read
Curriculum Jon Stewart vs. Texas Board of Education
The debate over the Texas Board of Education's adoption of new social studies guidelines has kicked up a flurry of coverage in the national media--most of it not very positive.
Bryan Toporek, March 19, 2010
1 min read
Education A Texas-Sized Battle Over Standards
While 48 states and President Obama's administration are backing a recent draft of common standards for public schools, the Texas Board of Education has opted for a more conservative-leaning route in their standards discussions.
Bryan Toporek, March 16, 2010
1 min read
Education Weekend Roundup: Celebration of Teaching and Learning
Note to readers: We were blogging from WNET's Celebration of Teaching and Learning conference in New York this weekend. Among the highlights: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan talked teacher job security and vowed to "fix" NCLB; Yale University professor Mark Brackett highlighted the role of emotional literacy in effective classroom instruction; Nancie Atwell extolled the power of independent reading and self-expression for middle school students; Bobby McFerrin revealed his reservations about some of the music kids listen to today and provided some CD picks; Jim Simons, founder of Math for America, said we are in the midst of a potentially devastating math-teaching crisis; and some New York City high school students opened up to Queen Latifah.
Anthony Rebora, March 8, 2010
1 min read