Teaching Profession Opinion

The Future of Teaching

This collection of Commentaries explores the future course of the teaching profession.

Teaching Profession Opinion Moving Beyond Test Scores
Karen Hawley Miles and Karen Baroody believe that redesigning teacher-evaluation systems has the potential to transform the profession.
Karen Hawley Miles & Karen Baroody, January 18, 2011
7 min read
Teaching Profession Opinion We Can Create the Profession Students Need
The teaching profession needs a bold revamping to match the needs of today's students, as well as those of the future, Barnett Berry writes.
Barnett Berry, January 18, 2011
8 min read
Steve Braden
Teacher Preparation Opinion Toward Greater, More Equitable Access to an Excellent Education
In "An Open Letter to the Education Community," Jonathan Miller-Lane and Tara Affolter call for a national conference on teaching to focus attention on creativity and inquiry in the instruction process.
Jonathan Miller-Lane & Tara Affolter, January 18, 2011
5 min read
Teaching Profession Opinion Investing in Teachers as Learners
The Web offers a wealth of learning opportunities and teachers and students should be taking advantage of them, writes Will Richardson.
Will Richardson, January 18, 2011
5 min read
Teacher Preparation Opinion New Teachers Are the New Majority
Teachers who are new to the classroom must ensure that their voices are heard, Celine Coggins and Heather Peske write.
Celine Coggins & Heather Peske, January 18, 2011
5 min read