Share Your Teaching Story – In No More Than 100 Words

Teachers! Share the triumphs and frustrations, the hilarious or absurd moments from your lives, in no more than 100 words.

Your lives as teachers are packed with powerful moments: moments of triumph, frustration, absurdity, joy, revelation, and hilarity. We want to hear about those moments. We invite you to distill an experience that was powerful for you into no more than 100 words.

Tell us about a moment that symbolized something essential about your life as a teacher, inside or outside the classroom. Your story could be among the next published in Education Week.

This project was inspired by, but is not affiliated with, The New York Times’ Tiny Love Stories.

Click here to read the Tiny Teaching Stories we’ve published.

A form originally appeared on this page. It has been removed because we are no longer seeking submissions.

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