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This blog had live updates from Education Week’s onsite reporter, Linda Jacobson, at the NEA’s 2005 Annual Meeting. This blog is no longer being updated, but you can continue to explore these issues on edweek.org by visiting our related topic pages: unions.

Education Taking the Pledge
I noticed that the line at the "Great Public Schools for Every Child" booth was unusually short, so I grabbed a place and waited for my turn at one of the eight kiosks.
Linda Jacobson, July 6, 2005
2 min read
Education March on
It’s been fascinating to watch what a well-orchestrated, well-directed show these NEA leaders put on. They know how to set the mood.
Linda Jacobson, July 5, 2005
2 min read
Education 50 years and counting
In the midst of all the patriotic celebrating, I sat down Monday with Kathleen Roberts, who has been coming to these NEA conventions for more than 50 years.
Linda Jacobson, July 4, 2005
2 min read
Education Loud Music and Foam-Rubber Hats
Having covered the Democratic National Convention next door at the Staples Center back in 2000, I noticed just a couple of glaring differences between that gathering and my first exposure to the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly here at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Linda Jacobson, July 3, 2005
2 min read