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Live updates from Education Week‘s onsite reporter, Linda Jacobson, at the NEA’s 2005 Annual Meeting. (NEA ceased publishing in July 2005.)

Education Taking the Pledge
I noticed that the line at the "Great Public Schools for Every Child" booth was unusually short, so I grabbed a place and waited for my turn at one of the eight kiosks.
Linda Jacobson, July 6, 2005
2 min read
Education March on
It’s been fascinating to watch what a well-orchestrated, well-directed show these NEA leaders put on. They know how to set the mood.
Linda Jacobson, July 5, 2005
2 min read
Education 50 years and counting
In the midst of all the patriotic celebrating, I sat down Monday with Kathleen Roberts, who has been coming to these NEA conventions for more than 50 years.
Linda Jacobson, July 4, 2005
2 min read
Education Loud Music and Foam-Rubber Hats
Having covered the Democratic National Convention next door at the Staples Center back in 2000, I noticed just a couple of glaring differences between that gathering and my first exposure to the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly here at the Los Angeles Convention Center.
Linda Jacobson, July 3, 2005
2 min read