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Education Week Teacher Bookclub

Education Lisa Delpit on Pervasive Inequities
Lisa Delpit makes the case that African-American students do not achieve to their potential because they're hindered by "society's deeply ingrained bias of equating blackness with inferiority," stereotype threat, and curriculum that is not meaningful to them.
April 2, 2012
2 min read
Education Getting Real About Student Writing
To build students' skills and interest in writing, author Kelly Gallagher argues, teachers need to move away from the "prescribed school writing discourses" and demonstrate the real-world purposes of written composition.
January 9, 2012
3 min read
Education Cyberbullying Solutions
Experts on adolescents' online behavior, Sameer Hinduja and Justin W. Patchin, contend that school staff can have a heavy hand in decreasing and alleviating the effects of cyberbullying—a form of adolescent aggression that can have devastating consequences. Join us as we dig into their research and discuss how to handle this pervasive educational problem.
September 6, 2011
2 min read
Education Finding Focus
In his new book, Mike Schmoker makes a bracing case for a back-to-basics approach to education, calling on educators to abandon ever-changing "fads, programs, and innovations," and zero in on what he calls the "three essential elements" of high-quality instruction.
May 31, 2011
3 min read
Education Becoming a 'Champion' Teacher
Doug Lemov, author of 'Teach Like a Champion,' will be the featured guest for the next Education Week Teacher Book Club, April 12-14.
February 22, 2011
2 min read
Education How to Get Kids Fired Up About Learning
In her latest book, author and documentarian Kathleen Cushman takes an inventive approach to exploring the question of how educators can better engage and inspire students: She asks kids.
December 10, 2010
2 min read
Education Understanding Cultural Identity
Against the backdrop of the immigration debate, author Helen Thorpe’s book Just Like Us follows four young women from Mexico from their Denver high school, through college, and beyond.
Elizabeth Rich, September 17, 2010
3 min read
Education Uncovering the 'Invisible Barriers' to Student Success
In The Hardest Questions Aren't on the Test, Linda F. Nathan argues that the key to a school’s success lies in directly investigating and addressing the often difficult questions that students and school communities face.
Anthony Rebora, June 7, 2010
3 min read