Student Well-Being Series

A Trust Betrayed

Update on Sexual Misconduct in Schools

Follow Education Week’s continuing coverage examining the widespread effects of sexual misconduct on students, educators, and the community. The articles below are an update to the 1998 series addressing issues of concern such as prevention and response to inappropriate behavior, legal history and policy of sexual abuse cases, and student-faculty relationships in higher education. Read the original 1998 series, A Trust Betrayed.

Education Family Heals After Teacher-Student Relationship
Propelled by a sense of injustice, Michelle Palmer has spoken out about her daughter's case involving teacher-student sex. Includes "No Easy Answers for Schools in Misconduct Inquiries."
Caroline Hendrie, May 7, 2003
13 min read
Student Well-Being No Easy Answers for Schools In Misconduct Inquiries
Four educators from the same high school outside Cincinnati have pleaded guilty since December to having sex with their students. As harrowing as those cases have been for school district leaders, the prosecutor in the case has nothing but praise for the officials' cooperation.
Caroline Hendrie, May 7, 2003
9 min read
School Climate & Safety States Target Sexual Abuse By Educators
On any day of the year, it's long been easy to find reports of sexual misconduct by school employees. But now, a new Education Week survey suggests, at least some state policymakers are starting to pay more attention. First of two parts.
Caroline Hendrie, April 30, 2003
15 min read