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3 Ways Technology is Transforming Education

February 09, 2022 4 min read
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Education-as-a-service is the entryway to modern and inclusive classrooms of the future

When the pandemic hit, students around the world were pulled out of school and technology became a necessity to ensure that educators and students could connect and navigate a new normal. Access to critical infrastructure such as devices and reliable connectivity underscored the digital divide and it became clear that technology is critical to increasing equity across education and keeping students engaged and successful in remote and hybrid environments. Most educators agree that technology can improve student outcomes because it can adapt quickly and respond to different learning styles and needs.

New subscription purchasing like Qualcomm’s Education-as-a-Service (EaaS) offering have emerged, enabling schools to digitally transform how students learn and educators teach. Qualcomm EaaS can provide the essential technology that serves the entire campus—from the parking lot to the administrative offices to the individual classrooms—for safe, inclusive, and modern learning environments.

Here are three ways technology is transforming classrooms and why subscription purchasing for education is providing an entryway to classrooms of the future:

1. Driving digital equity with equitable Ed-tech distribution and equal access to new essential learning tools

All students deserve equitable educational opportunities. However, the constant advent of “latest and greatest” options as well as obstacles including funding bottlenecks and the need for technical training and more, can make it difficult for classrooms to get the appropriate refreshes they need, which is why a new approach like Qualcomm EaaS is a game changer.

Students, parents, and educators all desire access to new, essential, and impactful learning tools. The Qualcomm EaaS subscription model gives schools access to the latest in EdTech without a costly, upfront investment, and schools don’t have to pick and choose which classroom and which students will benefit from the tech they need most. A subscription approach creates distribution equity with districts and campuses for learning tools that help advance student performance. Also, administrators can make sure students have technology in the classroom that is as advanced as the technology they are familiar with elsewhere. This makes modern technology accessible for all classrooms and allows educators to focus on student-centered learning, using technology as a resource to aid students’ unique learning styles, interests, and needs.

This new approach to technology integration in the classroom simplifies the delivery of the latest EdTech to schools and campuses to build more efficient hybrid learning environments in a cost-effective and attainable model.

2. Inspiring innovation and fostering collaboration

Digital transformation is reimagining how schools provide resources for all students across multiple environments —virtual, on site, and hybrid environments. Adopting IoT technologies—from connected devices to connectivity infrastructure—has emerged as the new status quo, and it’s become apparent that access to these resources is critical in supporting students, educators and campuses.

Qualcomm EaaS includes a suite of connectivity technologies that empower students and teachers to connect for a seamless learning experience whether they’re in the classroom, at home, or remote. The Qualcomm EaaS offering comes with a menu of advanced EdTech options including interactive smart screens, digital teaching podiums, connected laptops, video collaboration tools, smart cameras—all with tech support and training—giving teachers and students new and interactive ways to teach and learn. With such tools available, students’ engagement and performance can be improved through novel and immersive classroom experiences that feature integrated learning management systems (LMS) and other educational content that use AI/Machine Learning.

3. Creating safer classrooms and campuses

Safety is a top priority for parents, educators, and students, and technology has proved transformative in supporting the safety and well-being of classrooms and campuses. From campus-wide security, real-time smart security dashboards, and perimeter monitoring alerts to notifications combined with cameras, access control, and body temperature and facial recognition scanners, IoT technologies integrated into schools empower educators to focus on teaching with greater peace of mind.

Learn more about Qualcomm Education-as-a-Service

As schools continue to adapt to the new normal, watch for Qualcomm Technologies to continually lead the way in the digital transformation of the classroom and school campus. The Qualcomm EaaS solution is proving that the classroom of the future is closer than ever.

Learn more about Qualcomm Education as a Service.