Obama's Second Term: What's Ahead for Education Policy

By Education Week Press, 2013
Price: E-book, $4.95

After a bitterly fought election, many in education are left to wonder: What’s ahead for President Barack Obama in his second term?

Americans have been reintroduced to a president who in his first term directed large amounts of federal funds to education. At the start of his presidency, Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which provided billions of dollars to education, including his signature education program, Race to the Top. But, during a hard-fought 2012 campaign, Obama spoke very little about future plans for education. For the most part, he relied on his previous record to win the support of voters. Now that there are critical issues and fiscal uncertainties looming, policymakers, school leaders, and educators alike are asking how education will be impacted in the next four years.

In Obama’s Second Term: What’s Ahead for Education Policy, our editors provide a variety of perspectives looking at the policy future ahead for education. This e-book contains stories from Education Week reporters, including articles by Alyson Klein and Michele McNeil, authors of Politics K-12 blog. The e-book also contains first-person analysis from commentary contributors, such as Rick Hess of the American Enterprise Institute, and Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable, an interactive project developed by Education Week Teacher and the Center for Teaching Quality and featuring teacher-led discussions on America’s public schools.

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