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What We Know About: Effective Early Reading Instruction

By Elizabeth Wilson & Nancy Protheroe, 2002
Price: Paperback, $20
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The purpose of this book is to improve reading success... at an early age. It is designed for teachers, principals, and other administrators who work with children in preschool or the early elementary grades. What We Know About: Effective Early Reading Instruction focuses on a variety of strategies, approaches, and programs that constitute sound literacy instruction and that are designed to result in the prevention of reading difficulties. Recognizing that there will always be children at risk for reading failure, the book also suggests ways of identifying those students, along with strategies and programs for early intervention.

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • The Evolution of Reading Instruction
  • Effective Reading Instruction
  • The Elements of Good Reading Instruction
  • Early Identification and Assessment
  • Early Intervention for Children at Risk of Reading Failure
  • Fostering Literacy Before Kindergarten
  • Implementing Effective Programs
  • Summary
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