Teacher Preparation Book

The Mentor Program Kit: Step-by-Step Guidelines for Developing a Mentoring Program to Help New Teachers Succeed

By Mary Clement, 2011
Price: Paperback, $18
BOOKS mentor program kit

This book provides step-by-step guidelines for initiating or improving teacher mentorship programs. It provides answers to questions about the importance of new teacher development, costs of running a teacher mentorship program, and about the support needed from school leadership and the Teachers’ Association/Union to make your program successful. You will learn what decisions need to be made early in establishing your program, what makes a good teacher mentor, how to pair mentors with new teachers, and how to embed your mentor program into existing professional development programs. The Appendices include practical checklists, sample applications, rating sheets, evaluations, templates, and more.

Table of Contents

  • The Need for a Mentoring Program
  • What is Mentoring?
  • Important Early Program Decisions
  • Who Will Direct the Program?
  • Relationship With the Teachers’ Association/Union
  • Cost of Running the Program
  • Who Will Mentor?
  • What Makes a Good Mentor?
  • Selecting Mentors
  • Mentor Training
  • Mentor Training Agenda
  • The Pairing of Mentors and New Teachers
  • Embedding the Mentoring Program Into Existing Professional Development
  • Adding on Online Component to Mentoring
  • Mentor Program Evaluation
  • Expanding the Role of Mentoring Past the First Year
  • The New Teacher and Tenure
  • Keys for Program Success