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Strengthening Instruction through Research on How Students Learn

By Nancy Protheroe and Jennifer Turner, 2011
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FOCUSON strengthening instruction through research on how students learn

The pace of research on the brain and brain-based education has quickened in recent years, and, in addition, efforts to get relevant research into the hands of educators have intensified. However, this evolving knowledge base often seems overwhelming. There are as many lists of brain-based learning principles as there are authors, and recommendations about how to apply the principles in classrooms are even more numerous. So how can busy teachers get a handle on this research and its implications for teaching and learning? This Focus On discusses current research on how the brain processes information and its importance in the learning process. It presents a quick overview of key findings of cognitive research, briefly discusses instructional approaches compatible with our growing understanding of how the brain works, and provides practical tips on how to incorporate this information into teaching.

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